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Why am I always right?

To clear up old business last night after my neighbour sent me a msg telling me I was missing fireworks at 9:45 and I replied with sorry I didn't get a text for the fire so I hadn't come over. Then as I got ready for bed around 11:00 I noticed I had another message that had come around 10:30 asking if I was coming over?? Then saying sorry she offended me. Since it's text I had no idea if she was serious or joking. I only say serious because her and the other neighbour had an issue the other day and they were both upset. So I just ended up texting her back saying I was in my pj's all comfy when I got her message and that I would be at her next fire - and no I wasn't offended. A little annoyed but I didn't write that. I figure next time I see her I"m just going to come out and say - hey text me when you start your fire if you want me over.

I slept poorly due to all the crap I ate yesterday. Woke up in the middle of the night with stomach issues. Note to self: ribs AND wings in one day is too much!

I did get up and walk like planned this morning - not as long as I wanted because I was on a schedule. I had to be at a co-workers house for 10. For the chq. We chatted for about an hour outside his house. He's a funny dude and since he's a manager now he can spill a lot of dirt. He knows I won't go running my mouth.

After that I dropped a load off at a thrift store. Took one look at the line around the building and went hell na and drove off. I drove to my grocery store, took one look at the line around the building and went hell na and drove off. I then drove to the coffee place and no line so hell ya got my coffee and went home.

I read for a while outside until Keith brought the rain home. Ok it was a coincidence but that got my butt inside where we sat around and just chatted til it was time to head out for our 2nd shot. The place we went to was huge - turns out it wasn't the place he went to last time. It was like an assembly line. But like we were the sheeples and just put into groups and ushered thru. Our time 3;55 turned out to be the last one of the day. My friend from work was there cause we booked for the same time so we chatted the whole time - Keith had to keep pulling me back because I kept getting closer to her - it was just so awesome to chat!! Then we saw another co-worker and the 3 of us got to sit by one another during the 15 minute recovery time. It was just great to see my work peeps - that I actually laughed and talked with at work. We are supposed to get together in 2 weeks or so to go for a walk. I hope it happens. It also took over 2 hours leaving home to pulling in the driveway - my first shot was 25 minutes - ha!

Now onto the "I hate being right news". I sent T a text this morning asking if we were getting together tonight. She said no she had to work. I said cool no worries I was getting my 2nd shot anyway. Then I said camping still on? Radio silence but then I know she sleeps all day.

Around 3 she sent me a message about my shot with hope it goes ok cause she hears the 2nd is the worse. Then nothing. So finally I prompted "And camping?"

A while later she was like call me and I'll explain.

Can you hear the ominous music? I called her while waiting to get in line at the clinic. Long story short turns out she has to do her real estate course this weekend and next 9-5 both days or lose $800. So I can't be mad. I mean I can but what's the point? It's not totally her fault. I say totally because sometimes she's not on top of her shit as she should be and likes to just put out fires rather than deal with her stuff before that. I know this is just sanger speaking - sanger is sadness/anger combo. I am 100% bummed that this trip is now not happening. I guess the good news is that I didn't get a chance to shop this morning.

The bad news is that I did get a chance to shop tonight - while sangry - and spent quite a bit of money. But if cotton candy grapes and organic strawberries make me happy then damn it I'm buying them! As well as teeth whitener because my coffee habit is leaving some bad stains! So yah I surprisingly didn't buy any junk food to make myself feel better! No chips or chocolate! Go me?


I mean I was a little less harsh with myself but you get the gist. All of my family is vaxed. We are all healthy. Boo-hoo I have to change my vacation plans. Deal with it and move on. Make new plans! Better plans!

So that's that. Now back to our regular scheduled weekend. Not much on the agenda tomorrow. Not going thru my camping stuff and putting up a tent has cleared most of the day! Hopefully Keith and I won't be feeling too bad due to the shots. We both have a bit of a sore arm - almost immediately. I got a different vaccine than the first shot.

I have decided to finish all the books I started and abandoned during the last several months when my desire to read had vanished. Sure some of the books are just down right bad but dang it I am going to try my best to finish them up and then throw them back into the universe for someone else to try and enjoy!

And on that note I am off to eat my decadent (and expensive but worth every penny) cotton candy grapes! OH I just remembered I bought a pkg of cookies but they were the last box of a kind I really liked! They also go great with coffee!

8:42 p.m. - 2021-07-02


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