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Well definitely not sangry....

Um so just a quick update since I am getting ready to go camping tomorrow.

Yah. It's back on. Not sure what to think since T may be throwing $800 down the drain but I asked if she was sure....a few times....and she was adamant.

That got my butt in gear this week. Digging out the camping gear, packing the clothes and shopping. As I told Keith you basically bring the same amount whether you camp for a couple days or a week. A little more food and maybe a few more changes in undergarments but all the other stuff is a must. What I'm saying is my jeep is full. Just for me. Ah well. No holds barred I brought my good camping chair. I brought not one but two blankets and pillows. I plan on being comfy.

Wish me luck this weekend. The weather is currently iffy.

Nature is calling and I am running full tilt towards it.

But I am looking forward to jamming in my jeep for a few hours all by myself with the tunes cranked and my hair flying in the wind.....I need this.

I also get to see my family on Sunday!!! ALL day AND night. I'm on cloud 9.

8:58 p.m. - 2021-07-08


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