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Vacations are a slice of heaven

The weather may have sucked eggs but I had a pretty darn good vacation week - and I still have tomorrow AND the weekend before I have to sit my butt back down in my office chair for 8 hours.

It started off with camping. I loaded my jeep and hit the highway Friday afternoon after telling the boss I was taking the afternoon off. I hit some thrift stores along the way and just took my time. I grabbed a sub for dinner and brought it to the camp site - I ate half before I set up and the other half a couple hours later. I wasn't able to get on the site without calling T and have her give verbal permission. Thank goodness she's better than me and can chat and drive hands free!

I set up my camp and had time enough to sit down for 2 minutes before T pulled in and we got her set up as well. Her kiddie was good for the most part. She's got a bit of a sassy mouth but that comes honestly from her mother and she only sasses those she is close too. Every person who meets her thinks she's an angel. Thank goodness the ONE good weather day I had my whole week off was Saturday and we spent the whole day at the beach. Well most of - I would have stayed longer but my 2 companions were bored. One wanted to drink and one wanted to go because she's a kid. Had a bit of a scare with a raccoon - it tried to open our coolers at 2am but thankfully the way I put them away they could only bang the lid and not get in - which may have made them even more frustrated.

T had a bit of a scare as her daughter got up to go potty around 3am by herself so she could prove to her mom she was a 'big brave' girl and managed to get lost and was crying when T heard her and ran out to find her walking with a lady who found her and was trying to help her find her site. Scary. But all in all it was a great time.

Sunday morning we packed up nice and early and were all on the road around 9:30. I drove to my brother's church service and sat outside with my parents and nephews. Then we all headed back to my brother's house and spent the afternoon swimming and eating and laughing and my heart was near to bursting. I actually spent the night at their place - first time staying in someone's home in over a year and a half!! It felt like normal. I left around 3pm the next day - a little later than planned which got me stuck in traffic but it was worth it.

Tuesday was supposed to be a beach day with Keith but the weather was horrible. Rain and thunder storms. Instead we just stayed local went out for a few hours and then had time to get our house and yard ready for company.

Wednesday my brother - same one and his fam came our way! They arrived around 2pm and we had a lovely afternoon and into evening hanging out with them. The intent of the trip had been to deliver x-mas and b-day gifts to Keith and a little something for me. Keith made homemade pizzas and afterwards we laughed and said it would have been way easier to just go out and pick up a few. Poor guy spent so much time in the kitchen. Again after my family left my heart was full.

That morning I had awoke with puffy eyes and a stuffy nose from crying in my dream - and obviously irl - I had dreamt that my mom died. I was just so sad in the dream and nobody else really was and I just couldn't get over why they weren't as sad as I was. I know it will happen someday but I do not want to think about that now. I'm pretty sure it's because I saw a pic posted of Keith's mom on fb that day.

Today I went and returned an item at a thrift store then shopped at the amazon clearance centre - it was expensive day but I wanted to see what it was like. Does anyone else have or know of these centres? Every day is a different price per item. Today is $25 per item. Friday and Saturday is $10 per item and it goes down until Wednesday when it is $1 per item. Basically returns from customers and also what doesn't move or sell in the distribution centres. I ran into my neighbour and she had a full bag - she thought it was Wednesday! I felt so bad for her but probably better me telling her than the cashier!

I then treated myself to Arby's for lunch. I went thru the drive thru and as I was leaving I saw Keith's bread truck - he delivers buns there - I got excited and drove up to the truck and only when I was almost nose to nose did I realize.....that wasn't Keith in the driver seat! I quickly reversed and booked it out of there. I later told Keith who told me he delivers Tuesday and his co-worker delivers Thursday's! I told him to apologize to him - he probably thought I was a crazy lady who couldn't drive! Keith thought it was quite funny.

This afternoon I went for a massage and after that just relaxed at home the rest of the day. I'm just finishing up some baking - rotten bananas equals banana muffins. I couldn't decide what kind to make so I made them all different! Some with blue berries. Some with strawberries. Some with chocolate chips. Some with walnuts. I sure hope they turn out and taste good!

Ok time to go and watch big bro. I have of course messed up my sleep schedule. I go to bed around midnight but normally wake up around 7 and can't get back to sleep. I need to start moving the sleep clock back earlier to get ready for next week. I think I'm supposed to hang out with T tomorrow night so that will def be a late night and she's going thru some shit with her ex so it may be an emotional night. I have to learn more than what her rambly texts tell me to know for sure what's going on. But one thing is for sure I am going to cherish the crap out of the next 3 days! Let's hope they go nice and sloooooooooooooooooow.

9:01 p.m. - 2021-07-15


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