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Summer is closing in fast on us

Well our camping week has come and gone. It was a very humid week. It was calling for rain all week. Thankfully we had very little rain and every day the sun would eventually come out and we would have a beautiful beach day. We were all worried more than we would admit so it was a huge sigh of relief as the week wrapped up and we all realized how lucky we were that the weather Gods smiled down on us. We also had a lot of sunburns.

So yah it was a great week even though there was a lot of "joking" that next year our camping week should be done in a hotel or cottage! We're old.

I again got lucky with easing back into work as I only worked til noon on Monday and then called it a day. To keep a story short my work promised me a new keyboard but basically thru neglect I didn't get it. So I advised them I had to give my loaner keyboard back to my husband and would be without one til I got a new one. I even offered to go and buy one - but they were insistent they would purolate me one. So I had Monday afternoon and then Tuesday until 3:30 off from work. I had to sit around my house waiting for my keyboard but that's ok.

As I told Keith my work would neglect my needing a new ergonomic keyboard until I either started a claim due to hand issues or until we went back into the office. Things I have learned in over 21 years of working there - the squeaky wheel does indeed get the new keyboard!

On Thursday we had a misfit get together - a group of co-workers after work. It was so nice to see each other in person and just sit around and talk and laugh and laugh. Thankfully the weather was gorgeous so we could all sit outside until the mosquitos found us.

Speaking of mosquitos I got a few bites camping but I came back with these huge red bumps - turns out they were black fly bites. I don't think I've ever had them before but I had almost a dozen over both of my legs. Thankfully they are finally starting to go away. They look so bad! At least they don't itch!

This weekend we were supposed to visit with Keith's side of the family on Sunday afternoon but a few of them have head colds and we were all ok with cancelling!

The remaining weekends are gonna be busy - busy good - Niagara Falls next weekend with my younger brother and fam. The long weekend with my bestie who I haven't seen in months. Followed by my solo week away and then finally a b-day weekend away visiting my family.

Well I had more to say but I'm losing focus. I just took a few squirts of the now legal drug. I've had a headache most of the day (tired? rain storms? who knows?). But it's hitting me now. Keith will be mad because drugs never work on him but work double time on me. Heh.

8:30 p.m. - 2021-08-21


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