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Beach YES, Bleach NO

So after my sick day Monday I still felt sick on and off. The nausea would just sort of come in waves. Then today - finally sometime this afternoon it just *snap* went away like that. We now figure out it probably had something to do with the bleach I was inhaling while cleaning the cupboards late Sunday night. It's really the only thing we can think of. Pretty sure Keith thought I was being dramatic until he couldn't help but notice how listless I was and how I was barely eating because I felt so ill.

I am just SO happy I feel better now. As I said to Keith earlier it was such a small insignificant illness but I did realize how much I take my health and wellbeing for granted.

So besides feeling like crap not much has been happening! Looking forward to Friday so the long weekend can begin and of course my vacation.

I spoke to T tonight she is going away on Friday so we won't be getting together. I'm ok with that because as you know I always stay way too late. Last week I even set an alarm to leave and still didn't leave for another half hour after that.

Hm I really didn't have too much else to write except to bitch about how I poisoned myself and how much it sucked!

Now I will go and do a little internet research for our weekend away - I like to plan the routes and stops along the way. I should be thinking of packing but now that I have Friday I know I can procrastinate!

Procrastinators unite!! Tomorrow.

7:54 p.m. - 2021-09-01


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