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Sept Vacation = Bliss!

I love how my week long vacation (which still isn't over yet) feels like oh at least 2....3 weeks long! And not in that busy exhausted way which as we all know is a bonus!

My friend S and I had a Wonderful time together! Oh it has been too long! Last years' get together didn't happen so having one this year was oh so special! I love that we can have any kind of weather - any kind of calamity thrown at us and we will still throw a positive spin on it and have a great time! One night we went out for dinner and the first 2 restaurants had a long wait, we drove to the 3rd and they had no room on their patio but we were ok with eating inside. It was the same place Keith and I had went to and loved. A bit pricy but so worth it. As it turned out just as we were almost done our meal everyone from outside came rushing into the restaurant - it was raining - hard. S and I couldn't help but have a small victory high 5 at our luck. But seriously we had a lovely few days together and the weather co-operated beautifully. We got some thrifting, some beaching and some pool time all in. And lots of conversation. We fell asleep chatting and we woke up chatting. Neither the radio or tv was turned on once the whole time we were together! I love that girl! And if things play out right I should be seeing her in a couple weeks time to hang out again. We're getting it all in as we have a feelings things may take a turn in another month or so. I hope and pray we're wrong.

After that lovely time together I came home for one day - unpacked and re-packed and hit the road the next day for the beach! And oh my what a lovely few days it was! Maybe not weather wise - a whole day of rain - but just being at the beach and waking up and going to sleep to the sounds of the waves crashing in the lake - not to mention the sunsets - swoon!! I did have quite a bit of beach time as well - I read for hours in the sun, swimming when I got too hot unlike last year in which I sat on the beach fully clothed freezing for the whole week lol.

So basically on days it was nice I read and relaxed on the beach and on days or afternoons it was rainy or inclement weather I shopped! Win win! Although the first night I arrived there was a tornado warning and the weather got crazy! But luckily even though the town battened down the hatches they were passed over the worst of the storm.

I always feel recharged and refreshed after my week away. I read a lot and watch movies but I also have all these thoughts that drift in and out and some I take time to ponder and think more seriously about. It's just some nice me time. I'm sure some of my friends and even family are like why does she have downtime? She doesn't have kids? Or at least that's what I assume they are thinking. All I know is that I walk away from ALL the stresses of my life. And now more than ever getting away from my work environment (home!) is even more key. No computers. No emails. No worrying that I should be outside doing yard work or inside doing housework. No paying bills or worrying if my husband is bored if he were there as I sit on the beach and read for hours. NO WORRIES. It's bliss.

T sent me a text tonight saying she looked at next year and the rates went up. I don't doubt that. That little town is having a major over haul. People are snapping up the beautiful simple cottages - tearing them down and building ugly mini-mansions. Why is everyone building in black these days?? I hope their houses get super hot and are expensive to keep cool! Ahem. Sorry. So yah also not loving how my little beach gem has become hers as well. As you know I don't share well. Her 8 year old told her it was her favourite part of their summer. Well damn. They will for sure be going back! Ha. I'm horrible I know.

I had plans to catch up on big bro tonight but I have been busy doing laundry and catching up here and ordering Oktoberfest 2021 pins - ok that took 5 minutes but the evening just flew by. T thought I was still away which worked out well because I am just too tired to go socialize. I have unpacked and now am packing - again - as we head to my family's tomorrow.

Next week is official b-day week. Monday we have chiro - so our date night out lol - Tuesday I sweet talked Keith into going to DQ because the one in my beach town was closed the whole time I was there so I didn't get my annual ice cream and Wed is my actual b-day and I took half the day off. End work at noon. Have a simple lunch and then hopefully go out for a walk and a nice dinner with my man! Friday I have din plans with C and T. I am feeling blessed. And I don't take it for granted.

8:46 p.m. - 2021-09-10


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