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Sweater weather yet?

Get out the flannel! It's Fall! I wish - it's actually gonna be quite warm this week. Warm and rainy so not as fun as it sounds. Plus I really want sweater weather! Jean, sneakers and a light sweater combined with beautiful fall colours? Yes please!

So birthday month was a blast. I don't understand how more people don't do this? Everyone seems to get squirrely about getting old. I'm gonna age anyway so why not have fun? I get to see people who are busy but take time out of their schedules to go out for dinner and laugh and catch up. Over the years it changes from being about the presents to the 'presence'. See what I did there? But it's true! But don't get me wrong I still like to get the pressies!

Keith got me the new fitbit this year for my birthday. He got one and I guess I looked envious? It is pretty cool although it just reminds me even more that I should probably exercise a LOT more than I do.

I actually just went on my gym's website. I first looked and saw that the payments have started going thru again so I have to decide whether to give up my membership or start going. I think I am going to give going to the gym a shot. I have backslid a LOT the last couple months. Too many excuses to eat poorly and not work out. Wish me luck.

This past weekend was our wedding anniversary. 16 years married. So 18 together! Yowza. We had a pretty darn good weekend. I was off for a super long weekend - 4 days. Thursday to Sunday. Friday after Keith got off work we headed out for a weekend of fun. We antiqued, ate out a lot and drank champagne. It's nice being married to a person that you truly enjoy spending time with. We still make each other laugh which I think is huge. I always get a zing when I make him laugh cause he's a hard one. He will smile but an out loud laugh is a win!

On our way home yesterday we stopped at his family's for a drop in for a 40th birthday party for our brother in law. We spent a couple hours there. There was a mobile ax throwing that was really fun - I did horrible btw. We got home and immediately got changed and headed out with our neighbours (I was the dd) to a nearby pub that was celebrating Oktoberfest. That was actually more fun than I thought it would be! They had a band and we there a couple hours and had a nice big german meal. Then back to the neighbours where we actually sat outside - it was a gorgeous evening until about 11 at which time we were done. We're old now. Ha.

Today was a do nooooooooooooothing kind of day. I didn't even wake up til 10am! I haven't done that in quite a while! We had to run out to Keith's work truck so we grabbed lunch and coffee and got back where I zoned out in front of the tv with my coffee and didn't worry about the clutter and crap and the fact that we have to get ready for thanksgiving next weekend and then have company the weekend after so the house needs a major overhaul People. Staying. The. Night. EEEEEK.

Then we ordered pizza with a coupon we had from our realtor - yah they still send us coupons 15 years later!

Now here I sit after zooming with my mom catching up on Dland (and eating chocolate shhhhhh).

I think I will wrap this up and head off to get ready for a bed. I'm a little trepidatious about work tomorrow. I asked for Friday off a month ago - saw that it was submitted but it was not yet 'approved'. After people found out Thursday was a STAT the requests came pouring in last week. Our manager never got to them before I signed off Wednesday. My co-worker who asked for it last week was texting with me and she emailed our manager - found out she got it off so I considered I was good as well since I asked FOUR weeks before her! I text with my friend - a manager - and he was all like you should have checked - it's a respect thing. And I was like it's a respect thing to answer your employee!! So yah. Here's hoping no hard feelings!

Ok let's end this on something positive eh? A week from today I will be full of turkey and pumpkin pie! AND seeing some family members I haven't seen in almost TWO YEARS! I can't wait!

8:50 p.m. - 2021-10-03


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