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Thankful on Thanksgiving

The turkey. All the fixins. The pumpkin pie (and cheesecake!). The whipped cream. But most importantly the FAMILY! After almost 2 years we had a big family get together. 23 of us I believe. All double vaccinated. It was emotional and glorious. I honestly did get choked up a time or two when I looked around and saw everyone chatting, laughing, eating and just being together. It's been too long.

Also the torch has been passed to us 'younger' folks for the organizing, the set up, the clean up and the break down. I mean it makes sense. The OG's are in their 70 and 80's now. They still contribute but we now run things. Circle of life.

Saturday Keith and I ignored being responsible adults and just went out for the afternoon and had fun. Cleaning is future Me's problem. Heh.

Saturday night I stayed up after Keith went to bed and did a bit of cleaning and generally got us ready to leave for Sunday morning. Sunday while I was sleeping Keith got up early and packed the car and had us all ready to go. Team work.

Sunday was a long beautiful day filled with family and togetherness and so much work! Ha. When we left the church after cleaning up it was 6pm and I swear it felt like 11pm! I am so glad we had decided to stay the night!

There was one small hiccup. As I may have mentioned my one nephew has anger issues. He's also a borderline genius. Doesn't come from my side of the family but it is true. The kid is damn smart but also with a bit of scary. He's 8 or 9. Pretty sure 8. We were swimming Sunday evening, along with his older brother and he was being a shit - threw the dogs large rubber bone on top of the roof of the shed because he was tired of the dog wanting to play fetch. Keith managed to get it down then went back inside with the others. A few minutes later my nephew threw the bone at me while I was in the deep end clocking me in the face. I want to believe it was an accident but the kid is also a dick.

I was beyond pissed with a sore nose as that's where it hit me. I got out of the pool saying I had enough. I went in the house to get changed. I was trying to tell their parents they had to watch the kids as I burst into tears. I was frustrated and had a sore face! The kid got dragged out of the pool and sent upstairs all while crying and yelling that nobody liked him or cared about him. I actually did have to laugh at that as I was the one holding my sore nose - the bridge of all places! So yah. I was embarrassed that I cried but it happened. He was talked to and gave me an apology and a hug which I accepted. He also got hauled out of the pool again today for sassing back to his dad. Apparently it's a new thing he's been doing - and he's really good at it. Times like these when I am definitely a-ok with not having kids!

Besides that blip of the weekend all was well. We got up this morning and had cheesecake for breakfast. A swim in October (heated pools are awesome but we are also having amazing weather!). Lunch was grilled cheese- they had the cheese and we had brought a loaf of bread! Then we hit the road for home.

OK - I have to deviate here because I can't stop thinking about something I just read by Neeks about sleep paralysis. I clicked the link she had and read about it then I couldn't stop thinking about my own experience when I was about 18 or 19? At first I thought nah it wasn't that but now I'm not so sure? Here's my story:

It was summer and I was sleeping in our backyard in the trailer by myself. To this day I have no idea what woke me up. At first I thought someone was outside the trailer - maybe trying to get in? But I couldn't move. I woke up on my back - my ankles crossed and my arms crossed - a position I would never sleep in. I couldn't move. I couldn't breath. I just layed there feeling vulnerable and scared. I literally couldn't move a muscle, not one finger - one toe. After what felt like forever but I'm sure was just a minute or two I was finally able to move. I uncrossed my ankles and pulled my legs up and rolled on to my side listening but not hearing anything. To this day I have no idea what happened or why? So there ya go Neeks - my experience or whatever you want to call it with sleep paralysis! Scary stuff!

Ok back to being Thankful!

It's funny how living in this pandemic life forces....or helps you to appreciate the important things in life. This weekend I was more thankful than ever to see and be with my family and safely and cautiously be with each other. Here's to more family events like this in the future....

8:22 p.m. - 2021-10-11


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