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Shuffling forward

That rush oil change? Turns out I didn't need it after all! Ha - guess next time I should take a few minutes to review the km, the dates and the fine print. At least it wasn't a costly mistake and an extra oil change isn't going to hurt my jeep!

I have been researching storage units. Keith - again - thinks it may be a good idea if we get a unit so we can work on the basement. He thought this before then changed his mind, so while he is again thinking it's a good idea I am jumping on the bandwagon and getting things moving. I have sent an email to get more information and if it's a good price and they have availability I am doing it. We are doing it. Send positive vibes my way. The only time Keith and I really fight is when the basement rears it's ugly head. I can't force him to work on it and I feel like an idiot when people ask me about it. Also I looked up getting our pool table removed. There is a company that does it. No idea how much but at least we are taking baby steps towards getting back into the basement and I am ok with that. At least it's moving forward.

Tomorrow I am taking a half day. Mental health as well as physical. No idea what's going on with my wrists/arms but my left one is killing me and if I pick up something like a coffee mug I put my right hand under it cause I am afraid I will lose my grip.

Did I mention what I bought on the weekend at a thrift store? It's a bar! Not a huge one - a mini bar if you will. You open the door and this lazy susan type thing swings out so you can put bottles in it and up top wine glasses. Probably a wine bar I guess. I won't be putting wine - more like the hard spirits! It was $75 and I just jumped on it. I didn't even check with Keith I was just like we have seen these in different stores and I have always wanted one so bam I am buying it! Keith likes it - not so thrilled that I bought it right now because of our lack of room but when you spot a gem it's now or never!

I sent my uncle a birthday card. Tonight I talked to my parents and learned that he is going downhill mentally. Big time. The facility he is in is talking about transferring him to one that deals with people like him. I always feel anger when I think about him but if I go down that road it always leads to sadness. It is such a wasted life. I hope, for his sake, that there were years where he really enjoyed his life. It also leads me to the realization that life is precious. Don't take it for granted. Choose positivity. Choose love.

Ok I think it's time to get ready for bed and get ready for my half day tomorrow! Choose adventure!

9:07 p.m. - 2021-10-20


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