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We may have to start taking reservations

You know when you do those jobs in the house that are boring and crappy and probably haven't been done in too many years to count? So you do them.....and nobody can really even tell that you did them because they don't "stand out". Well that was my weekend! How was yours?

I cleaned out the cutlery drawers. I cleaned out the cup and plates cupboards. I cleaned out the linen cupboard. I crawled under my work desk and plugged in the super big power cord. I did a bit of outside work putting some stuff away for the colder weather to come. I just did a lot. For me. Ha. But seriously tho I need another weekend!

Also? I've been cleaning to get ready for company on Tuesday. Thankfully the house was already clean but we started getting ready for halloween and not caring where we threw stuff and then bam my friend S asked if her and our mutual friend could drop by on Tuesday. So we're going to feed them dinner and hang out for a bit. The mutual friend has never been here and I've been to her house - she's anal about cleanliness so I can only imagine what she'll think of our charming abode that is cluttered with all our treasures. Gotta stop caring so much what people think.

With that said, the week after my parents are coming for a visit! They asked tonight and I said sure. It's been a few years since they've been and I guess my dad really wanted to visit. He always starts to feel bad they see us the least - but we live over 3 hours away so he shouldn't!

I'm having a helluva time with the storage facility. Uh it's almost like they don't want my business? A lot of emails flying back and forth just to figure out a day and time to see the units. They don't work weekends and seem to think people don't work 9 to 5 and can meet in the middle of the day? I'm trying to be zen and realize this is working out in our favour as we can't take on moving our stuff until after halloween so if we do get a unit I would like to start the renting on Nov 1. Horse before cart I'll calm down.

On the plus side my page long to-do list this weekend is all checked off except for a couple items. Now that is a Very good feeling! Oh and also I stole a purse this weekend from the thrift store. Accidentally. Hopefully not bad karma. I did purchase a bunch of stuff just forgot to take the purse off my body - oy. I do have a large load of donations so I think I will head to that thrift store to donate. Ease the guilt a little!

Ok time to get ready for bed. Got a busy week ahead. Chiro tomorrow. Company Tuesday. Hanging out with a friend Thursday evening and a half work day on Friday so I can get a massage! Oh and hopefully a visit to the storage facility!
Bring it on!

10:15 p.m. - 2021-10-24


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