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Weekend wrap up

Normally I have the Sunday blues but I am totally concentrating on that 3 day work week! I hope the 3 days zoom by. I also hope my manager forgets to do our 1 on 1 and I don't have to listen to myself on a phone call. I despise doing that. Pass or fail me I don't care just don't make me listen to my voice!

Anywho we did not get a new car this weekend. We didn't even look. We are very good at procrastinating. Keith did reach out to a dealer but they never got back to us. It was about an hour away in Toronto so I am kind of glad. I just wish he could find a car locally - it's so much easier running back and forth.

Saturday we ended up going out for a bit. Dropped off some donations and did a bit of shopping ourselves. I ended up going for over an hour stroll in the nearby park. I can't even call it a walk cause it was just too nice that I definitely strolled in the gorgeous sunshine. Our neighbour asked us to go in their hot tub but I was out walking. Then she said ok we are going in this evening come then! Ok.

We waited and waited and finally at 8:30 Keith was literally falling asleep - he had worked that morning so he'd been up since like 4am? We went to bed. I grabbed the bevvie I had been waiting to drink in the hot tub and I turned on the comedians in cars and yup within' 5 minutes she text me! I was like nope sorry! I had even told her earlier that we would hot tub if it wasn't too late for Keith. So she said that was ok and we'd try again today.

Today didn't happen. Didn't hear from her. As you know I have a love, hate relationship with her. I now won't feel bad when I turn her down next time. Yah I can be petty. Ahem.

Anyway I looked back at my fb memories and lo and behold Keith and I went for a walk in t-shirts last year on this date. So I dragged him out again! We drove to a nearby park that we have never walked together - literally a 5 minute drive from the house. We walked for almost 2 hours. I love when we first start walking it's a bit stiff or we're just not in tune with each other and by the end we are walking out laughing and feeling all happy and carefree. At least that's how it should end and thankfully it did! It was nice.

The rest of the afternoon was spent just puttering. Cleaning, organizing gifts I have purchases so far and hanging pics oh and polishing my jewelry. Now I just finished zooming with my mom. We played our weekly game of banana grams.

Now I will probably go and putter around a bit more then watch some tv before bed.

I had toyed with doing nanowrimo this year but a couple things stopped me. My wrist for one. I am having a hard time with my left wrist. This happened a few years ago and I'm trying to remember the exercises I was shown and how to wrap it. It was this special tape and just right at the base. Oh and the other reason? I had no story idea! I had the title of the story which I came up with a year or so ago. But literally no story to go with it. Kind of important ha.

Ok I am going to go and shake my head around for a while. Oh did I not mention I have water in my ear and it's driving me batshit crazy? Yah there's that. Ciao!

8:18 p.m. - 2021-11-07


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