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Why can't all weekends be 4 days long?

I'm having my second drink.....on a work night *gasp*. LOL. I don't normally drink not because it's a work night just because alcohol is normally a social thing for me. I also have been snacking on a bar mix planters mix that I need to stop eating asap. It's just so salty and tasty! We did have company over. My friends from a nearby city were in town for a specialized craft store so they came over for dinner. I can't believe how much I love having company! I don't even stress too much over the house. We've kept it relatively clean from all the company the past month or so and I just am giving myself a break. It's not dirty - it's clean - a bit cluttered with our fun stuff but that's ok.

I had an excellent 4 day long weekend! Thursday I met up with my friend C to go shopping in a nearby town that I have never shopped at before! The weather was beautiful. A bit chilly but I could walk around in just a sweater.

Friday after Keith got done work we drove to a nearby town about 40 minutes away to look at car we hoped they still had. The car was still there. We took it for a test drive. It had a few issues that are supposed to be fixed once certified. The guy was crazy busy. He was one of those types that is never organized. Sh*t everywhere in the front office. Unclean nowhere to sit cause so much stuff. In other words I felt at home lol. He was constantly making calls and accepting calls the whole time. BUT my favourite part?! OH wait for it.

He needed my license and Keith was in front of him and he said "can you ask your MOTHER for her license". I was like excuse me? I stepped forward and I'm like you mean his WIFE? He just sort of waved me off and mumbled something under his mask like "yah wife that's what I meant". But WTF dude??? Mother???? I mean Keith and I had a good laugh about it the rest of the day but dude is not gonna be on my x-mas list! So yah we bought the used car and pick it up this week sometime.

Friday evening I hung out with T and made plans to see her the next day which is rare for us!

Saturday I did indeed hang out with T and her daughter at the x-mas shopping event in her town. I thankfully went early and did some solo shopping knowing her 7 year old would be bored at a few of the stores I wanted to go to. We had dinner downtown in a tent outside - the temp had totally dropped since Thursday - it had actually begun to snow. We could see our breath while eating and laughed the whole time about how cold we were! Once I got home I got an email from T - she had lost her phone! She looked everywhere and even went out and retraced our steps. She was so upset. I called her bank and put her debit card on hold for her as it was attached to her phone.

The next morning she text me - she had found her phone! It was outside in the grass and leaves where I had parked when I dropped them off. That was close. She was so thankful and relieved.

Sunday morning Keith and I headed out early to get a bit of grocery shopping done. We laughed on our way out as we had spent $1400! Of course $1200 was in gift cards that I bought for my work staff association - I will get reimbursed - ha. Then it was an afternoon of mostly relaxing and puttering around - I had to run out and buy some shoe box stuff - which I must go and look up the drop off place asap before time runs out!

So that was my weekend! I was tired getting up today but it was only a half day since I had a dentist appointment. My manager caught me just before I was supposed to leave for the day and we had our 1 on 1 and miraculously it was an ok call - shew. I then rushed out the door to shop before my appointment. I had to buy my niece a b-day present and find something for my brother. I had bought him a cool shirt for his 40th b-day only to see a pic of him wearing said shirt yesterday that his wife gave him. D'oh! I even had time to skip into a store for me to use my coupon for a new shirt.

The dentist appointment was fine btw. No cavities. No issues. Shew.

Alright time to get ready for bed! I am tired! I'm trying to figure out if I should take the tape off my wrist tonight or tomorrow? My left wrist has been sore for a few weeks. This happened a few years ago and I am trying to do all the exercises that the physiotherapist showed me and I remembered him taping my wrist and it makes such a difference! Wish me luck in making myself better! DIY.

9:20 p.m. - 2021-11-15


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