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Hello Friday....where have you been all week?

Oy it's been a busy week. I'm glad I'm staying in tonight. Normally I visit with T but she has family to keep her company tonight. I was invited but I declined. I used the excuse of having stuff to do as we're leaving town tomorrow to see my fam and celebrate my brother's 40th birthday. It is the truth but the honest truth is I won't get to that stuff til tomorrow morning because I thrive on doing sh*t last minute! It's just my nature. All the big stuff is out of the way the gifts are bought (also for my sister in law and niece I missed their b-days). But I like to "pretty things up" at the last second.

Ok I feel like I'm repeating myself already not a good sign! I noticed today while working that I tend to keep my left hand hovering at an angle on my keyboard while I sit and review the documents on my monitors. This 'may' have something to do with the painful wrist situation. Huh.

So I took a day off on Wednesday. Keith and I went and picked up our new to us car. The guy was just as busy as the first time but we're pretty patient people so that was ok. I dressed less frumpy that day trying to look less like my husband's mom - lol. The salesguy seemed a bit friendlier but we were also dropping some serious cash! He also sold us some winter tires on rims for a much better price than we found anywhere else. We will probably take the new car on the weekend but as I told Keith it's going to be weird driving on the 401 and being so low - I'm used to sitting up high.

Wednesday night I woke up at 2am with a wicked upset stomach - I love how dreams wake you up to tell you you are in pain and to deal with it! Long story short I felt horrible getting up the next morning but since I had just taken a day off I dragged myself into the next room and managed to pull myself together. This is when wfh is awesome! It was also the only day I was on camera for a few calls luckily with a friend because I was not looking my best!

Ok as per usual I lost focus already! I slept great last night but my 2 hours of dreaming were all about the world ending and trying to outrun the repercussions! Not the most restful of dreams!

Time to go get rid of this bra, climb into my pj's and paint my toenails! What? It's almost 9pm. That's late right? Cheers to the weekend!

8:28 p.m. - 2021-11-19


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