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A day of being denied!

Tonight I had to run out to the grocery store so I stopped in at the crazy binz store as it was $1 Wednesday. I found some good stuff. Some I didn't technically need and a even a few x-mas presents. I got to the front to check out and the total was $120. Um what now. Record scratch. The woman gave a little chuckle and was like "you thought it was $1 day?". I swear I thought I was being punked! I was like it's Wednesday right? I know it's Wednesday! Keith's only day off during the week is Wednesday!

Turns out they changed the pricing for the days. $1 day is now Friday's! I never found out how long ago. But I think I was there like 3 weeks ago? Who knows. Let's just say I put a LOT of stuff back while apologizing the whole time. She understood. I bought a couple items that were gifts for others and called it a day. Probably for the best. Although now that I think of it I spent probably the same amount for 6 items that I would have for 20. Just sayin'.

I then headed to the grocery store only to be denied there as well!! There was a sign on the doors saying they were having a private event and were closing at 6pm. Normally they are open til 11pm. A private event? Okay. So no dropping $500 for a few more gift cards for work. Tomorrow then.

Speaking of work I was denied that as well! I'm seeing a theme! I logged in this morning and my main program, my payment program, wouldn't open. Weird I thought but it happens. I tried a couple things. Nothing. Asked my co-workers if they were having issues. All no. Except for one person. Shew. Not alone. I called our help desk and sat for about 20 minutes while she tried to figure out my problem. She couldn't. Word is there was an issue with one of the servers that affected about 15 of us - out of 50 or so in my department.

By 4:00 I still hadn't worked. Well I did work just not my actual job. I did some courses that I had outstanding and then I did my performance review where I get to write about how I met the objectives for the year. That is a horrible thing. It's so fake and just stupid but gotta play the game!

Oh and I finally went thru a huge bag I brought home from the office. I went thru documents and made a pile to shred so that was cool. It's funny how it hits you that I've been there almost 22 years. I found documents and notes and pictures from people I have worked with over the years. Why is it always the good ol' days? Why were people more fun and employers looser years ago? We worked but we also had fun. Now? And for the last several years it's been nose to the grindstone! Stats run the world! No time for fun or saying good morning to your co-worker! It's sad.

Ok I'm gonna leave on a happier note! The other night I was getting ready to head to bed and I was a bit hungry and thought mmm pasta would be good. Chuckled to myself because I ain't gonna eat pasta late at night and then realized why I had that thought! When I was a wee one around 6 I guess? I would watch my grandmother make kraft dinner for my grandpa in the evenings - most evenings. My grandma would look over and say "Do you want some pet?" She called us all pet. I would nod and she would say go ask your mom. I would take off - opening up the door between our houses (we built our house onto theirs when I our house burned down one Christmas). My mom would always say yes so I'd dash back and they'd give me my own little small bowl with a spoon that I always told Keith reminded me of a shovel and whenever we are in thrift stores we always dig thru the cutlery looking for a 'shovel spoon'. There! Happy memory to end this entry on! I will not be denied! Ha!

8:50 p.m. - 2021-11-24


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