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Can I give you a boost? Maybe....maybe not.

I just had a good laugh reading how I was thinking of going back to the gym with all my 'extra' time. Ha - I had no extra time! I was still running around grabbing last minute items and baking every night to add to my presents. But it was all worth it.

Our Christmas get together was much smaller than planned. Originally we were having about 25 of us at my brother's church but then the gov't stepped in and was like hey numbers are running high - get togethers are now limited at 10. Sigh. We all respected the news and instead Keith and I drove down to my parents x-mas eve and spent the night in their buildings guest room. We got up x-mas morn and opened gifts together and had our traditional breakfast of scrambled eggs, peameal bacon and toast. Everyone in my family does it now which I love. Keith and I had it last year when it was just the 2 of us.

After breakfast and a quick game of scrabble we headed out to my older brother's house and there were 9 of us. My younger brother had his wife's parents over so there was 6 over there (we zoomed during dinner). Sure we followed the rules but that evening Keith and I slept over at my younger brother's house so really how safe were we? Everyone is double vaxed with a few boosters as well. I feel ok about it.

Keith and I were supposed to go for boosters tomorrow but his got cancelled. No idea why him and not me - he had his booked first. So the plan is for both of us to go and if they insist on only one then he will get it. I will refuse it. He works outside the house and we'd both feel better if he got it. I can wait.

Everyone is telling me how tired I look! Keith said that tonight and when I was zooming with my mom she said the same thing. I do feel run down. I was running non stop the last couple weeks. I know mentally I was waiting for x-mas to be cancelled and at night I couldn't sleep without taking a pill. I'm sure my body is just now catching up and telling me to slow down.

Not that I really listened today. I'm off this week and I really want to get the basement cleared. I took 2 loads of totes to our storage unit by myself today - all x-mas. I'm in the middle of taking down our x-mas tree. It's early for me but like I said I really want to do as much as I can with the basement - I know I can only do so much to help. Sure hope my body lets me and doesn't demand bed rest! Ha. I joke but yikes I'm beginning to look like a zombie with the bags under my eyes! I even slept over 8 hours last night but I guess it wasn't enough!

Hm. I guess besides that not too much else to report right now. I stepped on the scale this morning. I guess all those cookies and x-mas chocolate and treats have caught up to me. Ah well won't stop me from polishing it all off this week. But I should probably at least get out for a few walks as well. Although there was a lot of huffin' and puffin' climbing up and down the basement stairs when I carried out the totes.

Now if only this week can go nice and slow. I could have done overtime today - by overtime I mean they were paying BIG time since it is a stat. I did consider it for like a day but then was like my mental health is more important than a few extra dollars. Turning off the work computer and not turning it back on til January 4th is what I need right now!

Now time to go and get ready for bed! R&R time!

9:49 p.m. - 2021-12-27


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