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Quick update before I hit the hay. It has been so nice having time to catch up on shows I've neglected for weeks AND being productive! It's also nice to ignore my computer/office/work!

Yesterday Keith and I went to see about the boosters - as I mentioned his was cancelled and the pharmacy was too busy to answer their calls - in fact their message was outdated - so leaving a voicemail would have been useless. Instead we went and I asked about the one cancellation - the girl said there had been a few cancellations and things are hectic but that we could both get our boosters that day. We were happy with that.

On the way home we ran a few errands and stopped at a thrift store. I saw an amazing shelving unit - over 5 feet high - that Keith told me was for shoes but that I was going to use for my coffee mugs - I have a LOT of coffee mugs. I knew if I walked away from this $13 shelving unit I would regret it. So we bought it and then dragged it out to our car....oops should have brought the jeep! Oy what a time we had fitting that unit in the car! Thankfully my husband wasn't too cranky macgyvering the unit - we had no string so he had to cut a bag that had string to use that to hold down the trunk. I drove us home carefully and it was still in one piece when we got there. It's actually pretty solid. I cleaned it and then made room right away for it in my office. I did want to paint it but that will have to wait til nicer weather. It's white so not a big deal.

Today we had tentative plans to have lunch with one of Keith's brothers and his partner. Keith and I woke up with sore arms but otherwise fine. Lunch was fun and delicious. After that we dropped a load off at the storage unit - a smaller load of awkward items - including our x-mas tree which I finished taking down this morning. I'm really hoping I can take 2 to 3 loads tomorrow. We're almost done the last of the totes and have to move to camping stuff and misc crap. I mean stuff. I may also try and take stuff to a thrift store. We'll see. Gotta pace myself!

One thing I do know is that Keith most likely won't be helping me. He was in bad shape when he went to bed at 6 this evening. He has a low grade fever but is freezing. He aches all over. He spoke to his boss a few times and they finally decided for him not to work tomorrow. Even if he did feel ok enough to drag himself in how would it look delivering bread to stores that ask all the covid questions? Fever? Yup! Aches and pains? You betcha! LOL. Not good. We are all of the mind that this is just a reaction to the booster. Here's hoping he will feel ok tomorrow and can just rest.

My arm feels like I've been punched repeatedly but otherwise I am ok. I hope it's less sore tomorrow so I can have a productive day! I'm trying to avoid thinking about how fast this week is going. It also helps that I am off until next Wednesday so I won't have the dreaded Sunday night feeling.

Oh but our NYE plans did get kiboshed. Besides Keith feeling crappy that is. The couple who was hosting just came back from the States and her husband got randomly chosen for the covid protocols or whatever it is. You get a test (even tho you just had one) - but no results for 3 to 4 days - and during that time they call and video chat you and even threaten to come to your house to make sure you are isolating. Ah well another NYE at home! We will probably go outside at midnight like last year and have a cold socially distance toast with our neighbours. I was really looking forward to this small house party of 6 but at the same time I"m not too upset with staying home and not travelling! Now just have to figure out the food part!

Funny enough S who is the go between for the NYE party or lack there of - had suggested a mid January get together since there are 2 b-days for the guys - one is a 50th. The day she suggested is the one day I already have tentative lunch plans. But who knows what things will look like by then? That's pretty much become my motto. Who knows?

In other news I am feeling much better. I actually was a little worried on Monday about how run down I was feeling and the fact my throat was sore. But thankfully with plenty o' water and sleep I am feeling normal again.

Ok time to wrap this up and head off to bed.

10:00 p.m. - 2021-12-29


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