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2022 here we go!

Let's start with something positive shall we? I am sitting her watching/listening to a Carole King and James Taylor special. It's nice soothing music and I apparently know every song they sing!

So NYE turned out better than I thought but crappier than I thought. Keith and I ate a ton of appetizers and had a few drinks. We watched a movie. We played a board game and then we still had hours ahead of us - ha! But eventually it was 11:45 and we headed outside to meet with a few of our neighbours. Originally it was supposed to be around 11 but we are all old and tired and it was cold. Actually the weather turned out to be a lot nicer than last year. But we went out - cheered and made noise when it was midnight then stood around for about 45 minutes chatting (made and rec'd a couple calls and texts as well) then we called it a night and headed inside.

My belly was SO upset with eating crap food and it let me know it all night. I had a food hangover! I had a horrible sleep but by early morning my body let me get some good sleep which is why I didn't get up til almost noon! Oopsy.

But after that I was fine. I ate toast and drank water most of the day. Food de-tox anyone?

It was nice not going back to work til Wednesday. Also knowing I was going to work 3 days and then be on vacation again for a week was pretty sweet. Keith had me worried when he mentioned that if anyone on his team gets sick (covid) he will have to cancel his vacation. But as of today he is officially on vacation so I guess we are good to the basement. Cue the spooky music!

Ah but before that Friday afternoon my manager asked to have a quick one on one with me. My new manager. She is super nice. I found out I am getting shifted to another team. Same job just different office/team. I sort of knew because my manager friend had told me there was talk of moving me to his team as we work out of the same office (but he manages an office 5 hours away). Don't ask. I am a team of one in my office. Which is why I get shuffled around. We were a team of 4 - 2 retired and 1 never came back from medical leave.

I slept kind of crappy last night the more I thought of it. Then this morning I just sort of shrugged it off. It is what it is. It's not like I had a close relationship with anyone on my current team. But I did know 2 of the ladies from when we were all in different positions when we all worked out of my office. The team I am transferred to I have never met any of them in real life. A little daunting. Plus? Having a friend as a manager? That WILL be weird! He also used to be our summer student years ago! He's a mover that guy! We get along really well and he's the person I go to when I have issues in my job so I joked that now he will be getting credit for helping me. Before he just did it as a favour. I'm hoping I can talk him out of having the one on ones where we have to listen to my calls. He can listen - then call me and we can discuss. I effin hate listening to my voice.

So tomorrow we are supposed to start working on the basement again! I know it's going to be slow going. But I hope we make progress next week. Keith advised me he wouldn't be up to working on it today which I get as he was up at 3:30 in the morning to go to work. I let him rest - ha. We took a drive in the jeep when he got home as it hadn't been out all week. We grabbed lunch after almost getting hit in the round-a-bout - would have been my fault - I thought the guy was exiting but he wasn't. Oops. This crap only happens when Keith is there to witness it I swear!

While Keith relaxed this afternoon I spent a couple hours going thru decades of paperwork. Ugh so much paperwork! I did end up shredding a lot so I did feel better but I do have to organize the stuff I don't want to get rid of. I found so many letters to friends from like 30 years ago - some I forgot to mail - some I made copies of before I mailed them. I was like "wow I don't even remember that happening!" Those were definitely keepers.

Oh and the bonus was when I was going thru old b-day cards from 2007 and found $70 in one!!! I am the worst with money. When I get it I like to keep it in the envelope or card way too long. Just glad I check my cards before I throw them out. I'm finally starting to throw them out. Sadly I can't keep every b-day card.

On the plus side when we do empty our storage unit it sounds like we will use Keith's work truck to take it all back in one trip rather than the many many jeep trips! Not even gonna think about the process of going through all those totes and boxes - that's when we will really have to purge what doesn't fit in our new renovated basement. I am dreading that part of it but I just have to think about our mental and well being. We are not getting any younger. We now know we can do without 'stuff'. We both agreed that someday when the house eventually gets too much for us we will have no problem moving into one of those assisted living places! We have no kids who are gonna come and check on us or help us with household repairs. I'm ok with moving to a place that makes my meals and has exercise classes and outings via a bus. I'm probably like the only person who thinks like that. As long as we can afford it.

Okay time to wrap this up! I have to try and reign in my night owl tendencies! I have a feeling Keith is going to be most productive in the mornings - ugh - lol. Think good thoughts for us next week - it's stressful enough renovating but as I told Keith guess who is pms'ing next week? Good timing! Oy!

10:23 p.m. - 2022-01-08


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