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Basement Renos - back at it

I have quit telling people I was on vacation this week. I 'took a week off' is more apt. There were no fun vacation vibes happening this week that's for sure! Both Keith and I are are sore and tired and a little discouraged at our lack of progress. BUT we are both glad we actually started working again on the basement and spoke about what we would have done differently and also how we'd like things to proceed.

I started a basement reno notebook and have been taking daily notes on what we get done. It's already come in handy. It's so easy to lose track of the days!

We did treat ourselves to lunch out every day. Well we picked it up and ate it at home due to restaurants being closed - buy you know what I mean. Not the healthiest and definitely not the cheapest but it was fun and tasty!

We had plans to work today but decided this morning not to for a few reasons. One we are hella sore from working all week. Backs, necks, legs - everything! The other main reason is that we ended on a problem yesterday and Keith has decided the best way to fix it, is to re-do a part - but he is going to try and work on it this week by himself on his day off while I work and then we can get back to it next weekend.

I was initially worried about him making too much noise working on the basement while I was working but I realized we have to live our lives and improving our house is what we are doing right now. If people can have screaming children in the back ground while working then I can have the odd power tool making noise! No more excuses!

I began this entry kind of bummed but now I'm feeling better. I'm not thrilled about going back to work tomorrow but most of that is nerves at starting on a new team. Forging new relationships - virtually. But I have to face it sometime so might as well get it over with!

Today as a treat I made myself crepes - with nutella and strawberries. They didn't turn out half bad! Tomorrow it's back to the strawberries and everything else that's healthy. Keith had his appointment with our dr and his blood sugar results weren't good so he's on more meds. I need to make an appt with my specialist and I'm not looking forward to those results. Uh- oh starting to go down hill again.

But I am looking forward to reading! I have avoided started a book til now so I wouldn't let myself get distracted but now I can let myself get carried away into a different world! And on that I go....

2:43 p.m. - 2022-01-16


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