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This entry brought to you by the letter i....and because I'm Canadian I'll say sorry now

I was sitting at my desk this morning and this feeling was so overwhelming. I couldn't place it though. Then suddenly I just yelled out "irritable" I'm feeling IRRATIBLE!!

This feeling has been so overwhelming. Everything and everyone is irritating me. Including myself! Typing this I am making so many mistakes - irritable!! So I've decided to just purge my feelings - purge how I am feeling -basically a word vomit of what is bothering and irritating me!

1. The commercial on right now - crying baby - that's effin' annoying.
2. My laptop chiming 50 thousand times because of FB and catching me up on all the messages I sent this morning on my phone.
3. My teeth being cold from being out for my 20 minute walk at lunch - 15 which was spent chatting with my neighbour (that didn't irritate me - yay).
4. Eating my hot lunch and it clashing with my cold teeth. OW!!! Just to add on to that - me heating up a wee bit more cause I will still hungry but once heated - turns out I was full!! (lunch was leftovers from last night dinner)
5. Spelling the word neighbour and having this program underline it because it's incorrect - it's NOT incorrect I live in Canada!! We spell shit different.
6. My eyesite - it's going going gone! If I want to read a text easily I have to put on stupid readers. This annoys the eff out of me! Also if I want to read at night - readers!!
7. My right eye keeps twitching. This started on the weekend.
8. The weekend! This was spent on COVID watch. Keith's boss has covid. They worked together right before he told everyone. Keith wasn't eligible to go for a covid test as per our hc guidelines. Thankfully an awesome neighbour gave us a kit yesterday so we could test. He had a slight fever Saturday and was achy and sore. The test was negative. Figure he's achy and sore due to LIFE.
9. My lunch is over and I Have to go back to work.
10. I won't get a tims coffee today. I never get a tims coffee anymore from the hubs because the drive-thru lines are too long and I don't blame him but f&ck I just really want a tims coffee in the afternoons sometimes! Especially Monday's!!

Okay I decided to stop at 10 cause I'm sure I could go on and really? My problems are nothing compared to most people. And the irony? I started a thankful journal a couple weeks ago - every day you write 3 things you are thankful for. How has this made me more irritable???

And lastly I apologize for writing this entry. Nobody really needs to read someone elses wining. But like I said - I need to purge. I no longer keep a paper journal and this was the only place. I sure hope everyone out there is having a much less irritable go of it then I am today!

12:48 p.m. - 2022-01-24


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