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I want boring back

Well. That entry did help. I was less irritable after that. And - funny enough my hubs brought me home a coffee after all! I have tried making coffee like they do but I swear tim's has magical beans they must use cause I just can't copy it!

You ever get bored of doing the same thing day after day? Even though there is a strong part of me that needs routine, some days I just want to mix it up. I would like to blame it on covid but I've had this feeling in the past. Also it mostly happens in winter. Blah days. Over cast. Freezing. Snot freezing to your face type days.

And then the Universe goes....oh ok let's shake it up!!

Here's my weekend:

Friday I went to visit my friend S for a small get together. 5 people - still within the current guidelines. All triple vaxed. It was a much needed night of laughter and drinking and hanging out. It was totally what I needed! Not one eye twitch all night!

Went to bed on an air mattress - passed out for the first hour or two then woke up FREEZING. I mean I could almost see my breath. Their apartment was freezing. Radiator heating in an old building and we had an extreme weather warning that night. Apparently when everyone puts the heat up they get very little heat. I put more clothes on as my muscles began to spasm. The air mattress below me was cold - the thin blankets on top of me weren't enough. It was a long chilly night. I finally got up, got dressed and sat on their couch with a blanket for about 2 hours before they got up. Nothing worse than sitting in someone's home with nothing to do! They don't have an easy tv set up so couldn't do that. No radio. Books. I also looked for food - nothing! Unless I wanted to eat junk food and I couldn't stomach that. I ended up eating a piece of plain white bread just to shut my stomach up. They didn't even have peanut butter!

Once up they fed me a slice of re-heated pizza and a cupcake. Uh better than nothing I guess.

Anywho around 11 I got a text from Keith saying not to worry about rushing home as he had to head back out to work - his co-worker was in an accident. I learned later on just how bad. She was in the country roads and was coming up to a stop sign - couldn't stop due to icy conditions - she decided to gun it and almost made it to the other side but a transport truck coming the other way hit the back end of the truck and it was totalled. Thank God everyone was ok. They were both coming down hills so it was hard to stop for everyone. Needless to say she was really shook up and is thinking about quitting. Keith and another co-worker both went and picked up the bread from her truck - which oddly was mostly ok - and delivered it.

I got home around 3 and Keith still wasn't home. I went to go in the house and only then realized....I didn't have any house keys. I had purposely left them. We have one of those digital key pads but are forever letting the batteries die because in the winter it doesn't work the best anyway. I text Keith and asked if he was going to be a while. He was like yup. So I went and thrift shopped for 2 hours! I chuckled as I headed to the third place - I was tired and being forced to thrift. Ha. Irony. I found some good deals tho! I bought a gift bag for valentines for 25 cents and inside was a card that someone had wrote to their other half in 2016. It was a nice card.

Keith was done by 5 so I was able to head home we both scarfed down our dinner - we were starving - his was much more legit as he didn't eat all day! He somehow managed to watch a movie with me then called it a night at 8pm and passed out. I made it to 11 then passed out.

And then....

I noticed something in the basement. Water. On our cement floor. Coming from one of the walls. It's not standing water. It was like a slow leak and then kind of dried. Except at the wall it's wet still. Outside we noticed that the wall is wet in one spot. It's freezing temps so we have no idea where the water is coming from. All I can see is $$$$$$ and I may be freaking out a bit. I'm just chatting with my sister in laws now about it. They are recommending a plumber.

Too late to go back to boring?

8:32 p.m. - 2022-01-30


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