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A case of the mehs...and Munday's...

A quick update on my lunch hour - why? Because I'm avoiding going for a walk today. Why? Because my hormones are acting all crazy like and making me feel 'meh'. Oh lady times you never fail to disappoint!

Also? Last night I was thinking about the week ahead and thinking how and when I can work out because seriously working out in the mornings just doesn't happen for me especially in winter. My bed is cozy. I am tired because I stayed up too late. Nope - switch my alarm til later and go back to sleep. Every. Time.

(Well except for last week one morning I woke up early and actually got up - and did this online fitness test - squats, shuffles and about 5 other exercises 2 minutes each - turns out yah not great shape but ok. BUT then for the next 3 days I could barely walk! My legs were SO flippin' sore and that shit is depressing. Gah)

So anyway back to last night - thinking about when or how I will work out. Then thinking about snack food that isn't chips or chocolate my go to at night. Being all motivational and thinking how you have to put in the work.....

Then out of nowhere my mind had a comeback......I don't want to put in the work! I just want it to happen!

Um. Yah. Very true. I want to be healthy - I want to workout - I want to eat better BUT I don't actually want to put in the work. I thought about it quite a bit and yah that's how I feel. I just want the results. LOL. Oh man I am screwed.

So yah - feeling meh.

But I did have a pretty good weekend! Friday night I met up C after work and we shoe shopped - I bought 4 pairs of shoes. One pair of burgundy ankle boots, a slip on sneaker, a pair of black crocs for the beach and a pair of sneakers for walking. Yah I did some retail therapy.

After that we met up with T and her daughter and had dinner. It was C's birthday. Her actual b-day. We both weren't thrilled that T brought her 8 year old daughter but what could we say when she asked? No - cause we want to have an adult dinner with adult chat and not have you constantly talking and being distracted with your daughter! But since we are not monsters we said 'fine'. I love that C still talked like a sailor. She is who she is.

Ahem. Anywho the next day I again met up with C and we drove to a store about an hour away that is full of crap that you don't need but WANT. So of course I spent more money. But the good part was I bought quite a few gifts.

That evening I went over to T's for her mom's birthday. Her mom was also my coworker so we are pretty good friends. T annoyed me a bit because she didn't have a definitive plan for her mom and told me to come over Saturday evening. Then at the last minute she was like ok mama's coming over at noon so come on over. I was like um nope I am doing stuff and have din plans with Keith so evening it is. She was a little put out but man I too have a life! (Hormones might have also played a factor in this as well)

But I did go over around 6:30 - stayed til midnight and had a great time so all ended well.

Sunday I did next to nothing. Well not true - I went out for a bit - returned library books, returned a sweater at a thrift store and picked up lunch. Oh and took a walk later that day. So not as unproductive as I thought.

Quick house update since I technically should be working right now! We "think" the leak is going to be a fairly easy fix. I HATE writing those words. Totally jinxing it! But we were all over the map - about weeping tiles and foundation cracks. All along I thought it had something to do with the sink but Keith said no. Now he agrees. So he's been ordering parts and gathering all he needs. He was supposed to work on it yesterday but the tool he ordered didn't come til later. He just got home from work now but has a chiropractic appointment this afternoon. Good timing! Get that neck fixed now go work on that awkward plumbing issue!

Ok gotta wrap this up and get back to the job that pays the bills! Laters!

12:40 p.m. - 2022-02-07


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