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Happy Fake Monday

Oh wow it's been a few weeks! I jump on here - have good intentions to write an entry - read my buddies then jump on out. But that's ok I'm here now!

Can this month be any longer? I need me some Spring. This winter has dragged on long enough for me. Ok so let's see what's happened since I last wrote....

V-day. Keith and I don't really make a big deal of it. Normally I used it as an excuse as a weekend away to the Falls or somewhere with a pool. This year we exchanged cards - had a nice home cooked meal (I made us have dessert since we never do so that was fun and tasty!). Keith had already given me a plant with a gnome attached a few days before and I gave him a gift certificate for a shoe store since I'm trying to get him to buy decent winter work shoes. He won't but I can try and nudge him!

A few days later before his eye dr appt we had lunch at the Lobster place. Our waiter was awesome and let me have something not on the menu.

What else? I just came off of 4 days off. I had originally had a jam packed weekend planned but things kept getting cancelled. We were supposed to go to a party on Saturday but that got cancelled due to my friend S having to work. She hasn't worked in almost 2 years so I was a-ok with that reason - just glad she's working again! Friday I was supposed to meet a retired co-worker for breakfast but we got a HUGE dumping of snow overnight and we knew it would take us hours to dig our way out so we postponed it for another day.

I did meet a current co-worker at the mall Friday evening. We had dinner in the food court and sat and chatted for a couple hours until the mall closed at 7. So early!

Saturday I watched a lot of tv which is what I wanted to do! I binged most of Inventing Anna. Sunday I hoped to continue but Keith and I headed out for the day and just had fun instead. Monday I binged a bit more but the day was so beautiful that I had to head outside and just walk in the sun. I still have 2 more episodes. I would have watched them last night but I was behind on my Big Bro watching. LOL. Tough life I know!

What else? I've been working out a bit with this online program and was loving it - I was doing the free workouts but when I went to go further it's locked content unless you are a member. I was stubborn at first and then I was Iike ffs just pay the money for a trial and see if you stick with it! I enjoy the workouts immensely. I end every session sweaty and feeling great. So I paid the money today and had a workout at lunch. That's another thing I'm trying out. My lunch is at noon so I jump into my sweats and work out for half an hour leaving me the other half of the hour to eat and relax. So far it's working.

In basement news not much has been going on but I have a feeling that might change. The leak we had thank goodness was minor and Keith was able to fix it by himself. We figure it had been leaking for a few months. We now need to wait for the area to dry out - the wall and ceiling and make sure there's no mold etc. But also our 3 months are up at our storage unit for half price and today we got our first real invoice for the full amount. I'm hoping that lights a fire under Keith's butt.

It is SO hard to get that guy in the basement. I get it. He works a hard job. He comes home dead tired and sore. The winter makes it even worse cause he's out in the cold and snow trudging his way thru it all. And then to make matters worse last week he fell (I thought I wrote about this already but nope). He was ok but he did one of those fall flat on the back type things when he slipped on ice and was quite sore but thankfully he was ok and super thankfully he did not bang his head when he went down. But yah out of commission for several days - oh he still worked that man never takes a day off - just when he got home he moved very little. So sigh I get it.

But let me just tell you it was a crazy week for the men in my family! My younger brother and his eldest son both had a crazy stomach bug - everything came up and then some - for days on end. My older brother fell off his work truck and broke some ribs. His youngest son had covid. Mild case thankfully. AND my dad went in for an appointment - gah my head won't remember the word - the procedure where they put a camera in you and look at your heart! Well that ended up taking over 12 hours before all was said and done - he was out of the hospital at one in the morning after having 2 stents put in. I was in contact with my mom via text during that time and I don't think either of us slept well until we knew he was ok. It was a stressful crazy week to say the least.

Ok my head is beginning to pound because I got very little sleep last night. So I got to hit the hay! Tomorrow I'm taking a co-worker out for dinner for her 60th birthday. Another friend was supposed to come but she had to cancel due to parental stuff which sucks but whatcha gonna do? I hope I make my friend feel special and appreciated.


10:04 p.m. - 2022-02-22


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