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Wrap up of another cold winter weekend!

I'm on the laptop so a quick update it is! I have a few minutes before the battery dies.

Friday my neighbour text me and asked if we wanted to go to a tiki bar on Saturday. We made half ass plans. Friday eve I watched a crapload of flix while texting with my friend C who went to emerg due to some issues she was having. 5 hours later she was heading out of there for something that was minor and not scary so all was well!

Saturday the neighbour text me to firm up the plans - um ok - guess we're going out! She and her hubs were going to a Stones exhibit that for some reason is one of the only stops in Canada in our small town. Huh ok.

While they did that Keith and I went out for lunch - we dined at the restaurant we always get take out from and it was great! Then we headed out to drop off some thrift stuff - I got rid of stuff that surprised Keith because like the crazy people in my family I get attached sentimentally to 'stuff' that doesn't even matter! Ugh! I'm trying to get better I swear! We hit a few more places before realizing the time and headed home.

Within minutes of getting home we headed over to my neighbours drinks in hand and then headed out to a tiki bar downtown. Her daughter dropped us off so no one had to dd. Having a tiki bar in our town is pretty awesome.......however.....I probably wouldn't go back unless it was to get a novelty drink with friends. And even then ONE drink would be it. Cause holy crap this place was pricy! And the food? Horrible. Now this is coming from someone who likes plain food. The other 3 liked the food (not loved) but we all decided we probably wouldn't eat their again. We had 5 apps 1 drink each and a shared drink at the beginning (volcano) and our bill was just under $300. Yah!!! They had a coupon for $25 they put towards it then we split it down the middle. But crap expensive night for a meh meal. As I said to Keith today - I guess I will look at it as paying for an 'experience'. We've done it once and that's good enough!

Our dd came and picked us back up and we finished off the night at my neighbours with a few more drinks. There was talk of the hot tub but it was a cold wind out so that got nixed. We finally called it a night just after 11 and came home - had a snack - I was freakin' starving by that point - I didn't eat much at the restaurant cause the food just didn't appeal to me - then hit the hay.

Today after watching my brother's online church service and having grilled cheese for lunch I headed out to shop for the upcoming b-days. Shit is getting expensive out there! Everything has gone up in price. And all the b-day bags at the dollar store said happy birthday in french! Those were the only ones they had! Glad that I have a crap load at home to choose from!

This afternoon was spent putting together said presents (5 in total) and watching more flix and just relaxing.

I just had my weekly zoom with my mom and firmed up plans to go visit them on the weekend for my mom's birthday. I booked a hotel but if we can stay in the rental apartment in their building for $25 even better! It's just so much nicer to send Keith to bed downstairs in the apartment at 9 so I can play a few more games of scrabble and head down around 11. Otherwise I have to drive him to the hotel and that's a pain in the butt. Ah well it will just be nice to see everyone. On the Sunday we are supposed to meet up at a restaurant with the rest of the fam and celebrate missed and upcoming b-days and just celebrate being together again!

Ok think I'm gonna wrap this up I am going to attempt to go to bed at a decent time but my body is messed up from the last 2 nights. Story of my life!

Oh and Neeks - I know you said you know the story of Wicked but if tix turn out to be not crazy expensive I would encourage you to see it! It is one of my all time favourite musicals! I remember when a co-worker saw it and encouraged me too as well and I was all skeptical and thinking meh how good could it be? Fast forward and I think I've seen it 3 times! I sometimes put on the soundtrack while working and sing along! I would see it again in a heartbeat!

Mkay really signing off now. Night!

8:18 p.m. - 2022-02-27


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