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Holy crap it's been a while since I updated! I wish I could say it's because I've been busy living life and having fun. Nah. Just lazy for the most part. I went thru a couple weeks of just plain 'blahness'. I even had an afternoon where I just logged out of work and cried. I had also screwed up and got called on it. No excuses from me I knew I had done a crappy job and had zero excuses. Well, my one excuse that I was depressed and didn't give AF wasn't really a valid excuse that I could give to my manager.

BUT the good news is I am feeling better. I think I was just angsty because I had my specialist appointment that I had ahem ignored for about 8 months finally catch up to me. So I just went with it and have been making appointments left right and centre. Got the ol' eyes checked, booked a massage (he called me it's been 3 months!) and got the fun pap appointment on Monday.

Oh and I took the plunge and booked a foot appointment. T has been talking about going for mani and pedi's for a while now but I've had this thing on the bottom of my foot for oh 3 years or so? Fine it's a wart. But it doesn't look like a wart. Warts in my memory are gross looking and ew. This was just a tiny bump with a lot of a callus skin around it. I had tried treating it myself a few months ago - soaking the damn thing every night - applying the topical treatment and then bandaging. It didn't touch it. So fine now I'm spending mega money (yes my benefits cover it but it comes out of my massage and chiro pot).

I went this week actually on Tuesday. She took one look at it and was like yup it's a wart. Gave me options - I took the one she recommended. Basically a super strong med that they apply a few times - every couple weeks. She did the first treatment told me what to expect - within a few hours a bit of pain - a blister will form - then the next 2 days more pain. Fun!

Except - I felt nothing. I was fine. The wart was fine. No pain. No blister. I called today to ask about it and they were like no that's not right - can you come in today and we'll give you another treatment - free of charge. Heck ya I could! I had breakfast planned with a retired co-worker but the rest of the day was free. I booked a vac day today a while back. I'm so glad I did because this week has been insane. It's March break here and I guess half of the reps in my job took the time off and work is just blowing up. It's non-stop nose to the grindstone. Plus the calls were marathon length. Over an hour for one and that's just - ugh.

Anywho long weekend so yay! Tomorrow we are going to our neighbours for a St Pat's fondue party. I asked if I could bring anything and she said they are having a chocolate fondue for dessert so could I bring.....the dessert. For 11 people. Oy. Um ok. Keith and I shopped for fruit and other dippable items today. I was just gonna buy a fruit tray for like $30 and Keith was like um let's buy the fruit and cut it up - way cheaper. Since he does the cutting I was a ok with that! Hopefully we bought enough stuff and have enough variety my neighbour is lovely but hella picky.

What else? I saw my family this month! Also part of the emotional rollercoaster I'm sure. Spent time with my parents and then saw the rest of the fam when we went out for lunch to celebrate the missed birthdays. Only dark part was a relative who got their nose out of joint for not being invited. Not immediate family and I honestly can't even give my time or thoughts to her pettiness right now. She's invited to the Easter celebrations. OH but funny story - my parents asked her to bring a large green salad (probably 20 or 25 of us) and she said fine. But that she would also bring a cheesecake....because she has always brought a cheesecake. Dude this chick has been in the family like maybe 5 years? Keith has been making cheesecakes for 18 years for family events? But no no you go ahead relative who we are all beginning to hate by all means bring your cheesecake! I offered to bring something else after hearing this and my mom was like No we like Keith's cheesecake. smh

Ok different topic. We have finally had a couple nice days. Yesterday was 18 so um 64 f if google is telling the truth. Gorgeous. It's not lasting but it was a nice peek of what's to come! Today was just 15 but I did sit outside for a bit and read while waiting for Keith to get home.

My wardrobe is driving me crazy but that's because I would rather the clothes be looser than tighter on me. Going to the skinny neighbours house tomorrow is driving me crazy in trying to figure what to wear. I'm glad I worked out this morning cause I probably won't be for the next few days. I'm going to go ahead and guess that the treatment worked this time. My foot is throbbing and putting full weight on it hurts - remember it's supposed to blister. I can't take the bandaid off until tomorrow late morning. I wanted the toe to be sore (so the treatment would work) but to actually walk around in pain is just annoying.

Ok I think I have rambled on enough! I was going to watch Em in Paris tonight but think I will settle for some 30 rock episodes to get me to sleep. I have a feeling I will be watching quite a bit of the tube the next couple days. This treatment better work and get rid of this dang wart!

Oh and Neeks I am so happy you are going to see Wicked! I can't wait to hear what you think of it! I hope you like it! I think tomorrow morning I will blast the soundtrack before Keith gets home from work! Ah the small things that make me happy!

9:45 p.m. - 2022-03-18


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