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Normally I'm the Positive one....not him.

Still here! It's not only a long weekend but I am also on vacation next week. Can I tell you that my plans went up in smoke?

Wednesday, Keith's day off, he had a gruff voice which he sometimes gets late at night when's super tired or if allergies are hitting hard. We didn't think anything of it.

Thursday work was a super long day - out the door at 3am and home around 5pm? I met him at the door - he shooed me out of the way which at first I took offence at and then he spoke and he was SICK. Hoarse voice, cough, fever and chills. He did not stop to eat the delicious dinner I slaved over (ham in the oven) but went straight to bed.

This morning we did a Covid test. I have heard so many people get negatives on these kits so imagine how surprised I was when his showed he had Covid within like 1 minute. Yup my husband is positive for Covid.


At Easter.

We were supposed to go away on Saturday to see family but obviously that is all kiboshed. I am sad but I'm not angry or mad at him - he can't help getting this thing. He delivers bread 5 days a week to grocery stores. It's just crazy he didn't get it before this!

So right now I am living like a single person. And it's weird. Keith has holed himself up in the spare room. I don a mask to bring him food, tea or water then leave him to watch tv and just rest. He sounds like he has a horrible cold. The coughing is non stop and he says his ribs are sore. The headache he says is the worst. I wish there was more I could do but I also really don't want to get what he has.

So I wander the house and am walking around like a lost sole. I'm like what can I do? Am I allowed to leave the house if I live with someone who has covid? I learned I can as long as I am fine - just wear a mask etc. Thankfully I don't need to leave the house - plus today is a holiday. The rest of the weekend I will probably only leave for walks and if I have to do a quick grocery shop for us. As long as I remain symptom free.

But I sure am bummed not to see my family this weekend.

As I said to Keith, you sure do go to great lengths not to work on the basement! We were supposed to work away in the basement next week. Right now I am toying with the idea of cancelling my vacation next week BUT I probably won't. I always bitch and moan about not having enough time to just do the little stuff or bigger projects but if Keith is down for the count for the next week or so then I guess I will have the time? I don't know. This is basically the equivalent of me thinking out loud!

So far today I have worked out, went for a walk with a stop at the coffee shop where I bought the Easter Donut as a special treat. Then I had lunch (leftovers from my amazing dinner last night which will be my dinner again tonight - seriously that ham was huge).

I have some closet re-arranging I want to do but I think I will save that for another day or so. I have to learn to pace myself. I don't always have to be busy. Yes, there is stuff to do, but hey there's now time to do it so just relax!

On that note I am outta here. Time to don the mask and go check on the hubs! I can hear him coughing so I know he's not sleeping! For some reason I kept his positive covid test sitting on the bathroom counter. Not sure if I expect it to change or what? Ha.

3:14 p.m. - 2022-04-15


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