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Positively positive.

Well well well guess who tested positive 3 days later? Yah.

I mean after reading about how it's spread and when you technically have it - not when you test positive but days before that - it was just inevitable that I would get it. I kiss and hug my husband every day - multiple times a day!

Sunday I woke up to more 'allergies' and finally just took my first rapid covid test and within minutes it was positive as well. And since then it's been all down hill!

I am on day 5 I guess? Days are totally a blur. The first couple were pretty brutal as I was hit hard. Now when I say hit hard I just mean I felt like crap. I am nowhere near death's door. This version of covid to me is like a really bad cold.

But here's the thing - if you haven't had a cold in 2+ years do you know how bad you feel? Plus I don't usually get fevers with my colds. But every night around bedtime I would start to heat up, my body would ache and I would spend the nights sweating and uncomfortable but WIDE AWAKE. I could not sleep for the life of me. That was probably the worst part for me in all this the sleepless nights. I would eventually fall into a fitful sleep.

Keith I guess is about 3 days ahead of me and that guy is doing great! It is unbelievable actually. He has a cough (but he always has a cough tbh). A few remnants of the cold I mean virus are still lingering but for the most part I would say he's better.

Me? I barely have a voice. It is squeaky and crackly and hoarse. I think I am on day 3 of this voice?

I decided to keep this week as a vacation week rather than switch the days to sick days. Basically it's a wash either way. It only makes a difference if I need extra time off because of this illness BUT if I do I have to go see my doctor and get him to fill out a 6 page document my work requires. Eff it I'll take my chances. We'll see how I feel come Monday morning!

I have been able to sleep the last couple nights - with help from a cocktail of drugs. This morning I woke up to my period - 2 weeks after just having it - that's a bit concerning but I am just gonna roll with it. Could be the virus playing havoc with my system. Could be the whole menopause thing. Who knows? I tried googling but gave up. Just see what happens.

I have watched a LOT of tv and netflix so I guess I got my wish about having more time to do nothing but that. Be careful what you wish for am I right? I have been able to do nothing but lay in bed or move to the couch and lay there.

I haven't felt like reading or going on the laptop or doing anything that requires moving or brain power. Oh wait I did go on my laptop to do a couple things yesterday and Ellen was on the tv while I was doing so. It's her last season so I thought it would be cool to maybe order a mug for prosperity and because I used to watch that show for years and years. So I hopped on her website - found a mug I liked - $20 - entered my info and bam $54 just for shipping. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Um no. Forget that idea! I guess shipping to Canada is a tad expensive?

What else? My family had a pretty good Easter they still got together. About 20 of them I believe. Yesterday they found out one of the people there tested positive for Covid a couple days later. Ugh!! I just hope my parents are safe. That's all I care about. I was worried about my dad especially with the dialysis but I found out if he did have covid he would still be able to go into a special room and be isolated. I just really hope and pray it doesn't come to that.

Ok time to go. I am going to attempt a hot shower and a change of pj's. My symptoms now are basically a really bad sinus cold with a phlegmy cough - the headache has calm downed a lot but is still in the background. But in all honesty if this is the worse then I consider myself lucky.

10:20 a.m. - 2022-04-21


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