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Oh look May!

Oh hey it's May! Where the hell did April go?

I was just updating my calendar as people are planning events and things are happening and even though I am excited to enter these in my calendar I am also friggin' nervous about getting and staying healthy!

I had a super mild case of the virus but it is still kickin' me around somewhat. My sinus type symptoms are becoming less every day but it's still there along with the croaky voice.

I did actually make it through the whole 5 day work week last week! I shocked even myself. There were some mornings I woke up with no voice and eventually it would warm up and get there. Sleep was evasive a few nights but I still forced myself to get up and work - thankful every minute that I still work from home. There is talk of going into the office come June - probably one day a week? At the most 2. We'll see. I'm ok with it. My friend is going to let me park at her place so it will be a 10-15 minute walk to work with her which will be nice. I don't have to pay and get to walk with a friend - win/win.

I did go out this week to the Chicago musical with my friend. She got us cheap tickets and we sat in the very last row at the top but the theatre is such that you still have good seats. There was no one around us so we got to sprawl. After intermission we moved a block over with still room to sprawl. It can make a person spoiled. I think she's sending me an invite for Hamlet. That would be cool. I love going to the theatre - I love seeing things live. And if it's minimal money - heck ya I'm in! The ticket was $25 taxes in and normally it's around $60 or $70 for our seats.

Speaking of taxes Keith and I did ours today. The deadline is tomorrow I believe. Keith owed a minimal amount and I am supposed to get a refund. Every year they adjust mine because we leave stuff out - and usually it's a bit less I get back and I'm ok with that. Our are fairly straight forward with just a few extra slips for me for the donations I give.

What else? Yesterday we actually went out for the afternoon. We went to a few garden centres to look into replacing the large bush that was removed last year by our neighbours contractor. And we may put in a few cedar trees between our 2 houses for more privacy. We had put in a few baby trees but they get the crap beat out of them by the little munchkins who play between our yards. I call them that because the girls have really high shrill voices and they yell A LOT at each other. Keith really wants to make it so our mailman won't cross our yard into theirs - he's that grumpy old man now. We'll see what happens. We have to make a decision soon now that the weather is getting nicer.

I think I am going to force myself to start exercising again tomorrow. I mean I won't go hardcore or anything but surely some moving around and light weights wouldn't be a bad thing? Good intentions and all that...

Ok time to wrap up and get this bod ready to settle down for the night. I didn't even get out of my pj's today - that's right total lazy day! I watched some shows and then read for a while. I'm reading this book that is just huge. The first chapter was meh and now I can't put it down. I like when that happens.

And with that I will bid you adieu!

8:35 p.m. - 2022-05-01


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