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Being social again!

It's so weird but nice to have a busy social weekend! Don't get me wrong, I love my downtime, but going out and doing things with people is awesome too!

But first let me just say that LAST weekend Keith and I worked like dogs and put 6 new cedar trees in our yard and a 'flamingo' tree. I sure hope they all take. We've been watering daily like they suggest. It was a full day of hard tiring work but we both felt proud when it was done. Tired. But proud. I also saw T that weekend cause she had to drop off her kid for about an hour as she had a house showing. They stayed for dinner and we grabbed a pizza and then went for a walk to the park. I felt bad for her daughter who is 9 when she was roaming the playground - there were so many kids but she was overwhelmed and just felt lost. She went on some play thing - it's about 20 feet long and moves the more you push yourself - anyway - this man there with his kids sat on the other end and kind of pushed it a bit for her. She looked over he smiled and she got off and ran back to us. She told us in utter disgust how this man had smiled at her when she looked over. Oh covid. What have you done.

Anyway last week was a pretty good week. My boss pissed me off when he didn't treat me with respect when I made a reasonable request that all my other past managers have said yes to with no hesitation. That was Monday? Wednesday I took the afternoon off and Keith and I went out and just had a nice afternoon. It was sort of a f-u to my boss but also sometimes in life you just need to say yes to life and no to work!

My social life started on Thursday when I met up with my work friend for our walk and and a sub. She told me this freaky story about her brother's celebration of life that just had happened. He passed away around x-mas and the family were finally able to get together and grieve etc. In the pics they took as a group her 80 year old mom was wearing a very old Pink Floyd shirt. It was black but in the pics it had this blue haze in the middle. She told me to zoom in on the shirt where it was blue - there was a face - a very clear face of her brother. It gave me major goosebumps. It was in every pic they took. Damn.

Friday night I went over to T's and it was so nice we sat outside after her kid went to bed. We laughed our heads off at all the nicknames I have given the men she has dated. I could never remember their names so whatever story she told me about them I would remember something specific and use that as their name. A few I can tell are: Towel, Harley and Shower. She met a new guy this weekend so far he is Beardy. Man I cannot imagine dating right now these aps are a lot of work! I managed to leave at a decent time - 11 pm - but then couldn't fall asleep til almost 1am ha - figures.

Saturday Keith and I were going to my friend S' b-day dinner. I figured K would nap and we'd leave around 3 but he surprised me when he got home from work and was like let's pack up and leave! I thought I had hours to get shit done but I pulled it together - wrapped her gift, packed us up for an overnight stay and showered and we were out the door and a hour later - ha. We had a leisurely drive there with several fun stops along the way on routes we have never taken.

I had so much fun with S. We went to this really cool tiki bar. It's a hidden gem and just really cool inside! Keith and I grabbed the bill at the end of the evening. They are always good hosts and let us stay with them and it's nice to be able to do something for them. There were 2 other couples we didn't pay for them - ha. They weren't our regular peeps so it was kind of cool.

One of the people there was a guy who I saw play live music a few years ago when S was in town. I really like his music and bought his cd. Fast forward a year or so later and his cd got stuck in my jeep cd player. It was only a few days or so but I guess when S told him the story she inflated it a bit and he was just tickled that I was forced to listen to his cd but really liked his music so I wasn't upset. I'm glad my story made him feel good! He then gave me another copy of his cd when I saw him on the weekend. I didn't have the heart to tell him I still had a copy because both him and S love that story SO much! They think the stuck cd went down with our jeep that died on us. I'm ok having another copy! One for each car!

Ok I gotta get to bed! After Keith went to bed I went outside and did some more yard work - bagging leaves from the corner of our house that missed the cut off last year. Then I zoomed with my mom for an hour and a bit. Then back outside to water the trees and I then went to the side of the house and cleared a bunch of dead branches and trees. Lots of scrapes on my arms but so satisfying to see how much I got done.

I wish I could see that same satisfaction inside. My bedroom is a hoarders dream right now. Clothes EVERYWHERE. I usually switch over the summer and winter but right now it's just all out splashed across every surface. I'm trying to just breath - it's not the end of the world. I will get to it. Just breath.

Lunar eclipse tonight. It's overcast and rainy here. I'm not seeing nothin'.

10:43 p.m. - 2022-05-15


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