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One helluva birthday storm!

OMG living behind a park is bananas - non-stop fireworks are going off. If I could step outside and see them it probably wouldn't be so annoying but all I hear is BOOM BANG BOOM BANG BANG BANG BOOM.....non stop. I would love to open my windows to let the cool night breeze in but then it sounds like they are in my room beside me. Do I sound like an old lady yet? Yah I think I passed that milestone eons ago when I started bitching about the neighbours walking on our lawn!

SO this weekend. It was a long one here in Canada. The May 2-4. Doesn't fall on the 2-4 but that's what we call it. We're cute like that.

It was also Keith's b-day weekend. I asked him what he wanted to do leading up to it and he was pretty non-commital. I offered to book us a night away but that's not his jam it's more mine. At one point I was pretty sure it was going to be a stay at home 3 day weekend - 4 for me. I came to peace with it.

I had taken off Friday and had a lovely massage booked to kick off my 4 day weekend. Also a much needed one as I haven't had one since last year!! My alarm goes off at 8am and there is a message waiting from my massage therapist. He's sick. He's getting over a cold - not 100% yet but offering to still give me a massage cause he is so awesome. I decide to play it safe and let him rest and not expose me to his germy household. But man was I was disappointed! My shoulders wept.

I moved up my breakfast with my ex co-worker and we had a lovely catch up over tasty food. The rest of the day was spent relaxing and running errands. That evening I went on a date with myself! I took myself to the movies! I saw the Downton Abbey movie in the vip theatre. I got myself a large popcorn and a super size pop and just sat back with my feet up and had a lovely time!

Saturday Keith decided he DID want to go out for the day when he came home from work so we jumped in the car and headed an hour out of town. The weather was going to be unpredictable this weekend and boy was it ever. We drove thru some CRAZY rain on the highway. I could barely see the road and it was so dark at not even noon. But we got thru it - got to our first stop and I checked my phone like I do and there's a message from my neighbour with a picture - showing my jeep covered in metal. It was my other neighbours shed! The storm blew the roof off and lifted it and threw it at our house and car. The jeep has a small dent - our front deck has a chunk out of it and our eavestrough has 2 HUGE dents. SIGH. It put a damper on the first half hour as I couldn't stop thinking about it but then I had to be like I have to stop and concentrate on our afternoon. Even if we headed home what would we do? Look at the damage and be like "huh that sucks". So we managed to have a good afternoon hitting a few places that are our faves. Keith bought himself a b-day present : a banjo. To join his other banjo. The guy likes his instruments. Now if only he could play them!

We got home around 6 to dinner our crockpot - we were so lucky as so many people lost power for hours and even days but ours was fine. We inspected our house and car and chatted with my friend who sent us the pic. Then it started to rain so we went to our respective houses.

Sunday Keith and I went out for a little bit. I really wanted to buy fruits and veg this weekend and we were going to a store that had really good prices alas it was closed on Sunday's! So we ran our one errand and headed home. We hung out and watched a movie - Chip and Dale - which OMG is so funny! I didn't expect it to be that good. It's def more for adults than kids as they won't get 99% of the jokes! Then that evening we headed over to our neighbours for a fire. Our first of the year. Keith made it to 10:30 and went home. I made it to 1:30 am. It was a fun evening. I drank wine. I had a craving for red wine which I never drink but I had us stop and buy a bottle of the one that I like ($9) and enjoyed the heck out of it.

Today - Keith's actual b-day - I dragged myself out of bed after 5ish hours of sleep and made him a huge breakfast with cheese croissants one of his fave. We hadn't planned to go out but we were online and found this cool antique place the next town over that we never knew about. We didn't buy anything just looked but it was huge! Oh wait we did buy a bunch of CANDY and chocolate at this retro gift shop that was attached. Most of it is for my friend from work - I am seeing her in a week and it's a belated b-day gift. She has a sweet tooth - I hope she likes the little treat!

We then headed home as we had a couple hours to kill before din. I made us a reservation at a swanky steak house. Then I went outside and spray painted our driveway (oops) and some metal plant holders a hot pink colour. I thought it would be darker but meh I'm ok with it. Better than rust! Next weekend we'll probably buy some plants to put in them! There's still a warning of frost around here this weekend.

We had a lovely dinner - Keith had steak and i had chicken (I find it SO hard to pay so much for steak!). Maybe if I loved it but I am meh about it so I saved our dough. Our starter was this brussel sprout and chip dish - both deep fried with an aoulie type thing. I am still burping those damn brussel sprouts! But Keith got a lovely piece of chocolate cake for free and it was the perfect ending to his b-day.

I asked him before he went to bed how he enjoyed his weekend and he said it was all good - except for the storm! We were both surprised our neighbour never came over to talk to us about the damage to our house and vehicle. We had watched the footage when we got home and she took pics and they were out in our driveway for a good half hour taking pics and talking to others. But not us. We figure they may be nervous about who has to pay? I am going to call my insurance tomorrow to find out how that works. We're letting the ding in the jeep go and the chunk missing from our porch we just care about getting a new front eavestrouph. It's only 3 years old. Hopefully it won't be too much. If we have to go thru our insurance we probably won't and will just suck up the cost. It sucks. But we'll see.

Ok I gotta start getting ready for bed. I had so many things on my to-do list this weekend and got next to none done! Ah well. Life's about the journey right?

9:37 p.m. - 2022-05-23


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