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I wish all weekends could be this awesome

I have been busy with a capital B lately and it is just so weird! Last week I had something going on every day. Even if it was something small like taking 2 hours in the morning to (finally) get a massage! It culminated into having a vacation day on Friday and me hitting the road for a mini solo road trip! It didn't start off the greatest because the night before Keith was a bit in the doldrums and that brought me down and I had a lackluster Thursday evening and on Friday morning I left with a bit of melancholy.

But then! Something inside me just turned on and I was like dangit I am going to ENJOY this time I have! When was the last time I hit the highway for a little getaway? Life is short - enjoy it! And I actually listened to myself. I made a couple stops in town and then set my gps for my destination taking only back roads no "motor ways". I then had a wonderful gorgeous sun filled drive. I got to my destination later than I thought but still with plenty of time to see my all time favourite singer Mr Bolton in concert. It had been postponed twice due to the covid but this time it happened. I was 8th row stuck in the middle of people who enjoyed it but not as much as me. Sing along dangit! Then at the end I worried about being a nuisance when it came time for people to rush the stage - lol ok rush is a strong word but you are allowed to go up and get an upclose and personal view and make eye contact and hoot and holler. But then I was like screw these blobs I am going up! Due to the timid covid crowd it almost didn't happen but some fun people started it and a bunch of us followed suit! He's getting old but he still has the singing chops!

The rest of the weekend I visited with my parents and had an amazing time just spending time one on one with them. We went to their trailer and took a walk and then played word games until bedtime. I left the next day after church and lunch. I drove away smiling and just so happy with life. I even missed my hubby which was good because Lord knows we've seen enough of each other the last few years!

All the excitement of the weekend kept my mind off of today. I was asked to meet with our company's new CEO so he could sit and ask me questions about my job and learn about what my department does. He is taking a Province wide road trip visiting each office and job shadowing for an hour with one person in different departments. I'm the only person in my department in this office so I was sort of asked by default but I looked at it as they wouldn't have asked if they thought I would eff it up!

We were all nervous - managers and above for this visit but none more than me! But the weekend put everything into perspective for me. This is work. Work is not my life. Yes it's important and it gives me the cushy life I have but it's a job. The most important thing is the people in my life. It was a timely reminder. So I decided to do my best and hopefully not screw up in front of this important figure.

I was most worried about taking a call and have him listen on it. I know my job - I do - but sometimes I get thrown sideways by some of the questions or I get angry ignorant people who just ruin my day. But thank the heavens the one call I took was this pleasant woman who had an issue I could help her with! I cursed the keyboard I was using a few times - not while talking with the woman - but other than that the call went smoothly. We had a last few words and then he hit the road to continue his day with meetings. There will be pictures published on our internal website which makes me a bit nervous because who knows what kind of faces I was making! Or how red and blotchy I was! I guess I'll find out in a few days when his article comes out about meeting me.

After he left the adrenaline was pumping thru me! A half hour later a few of us went to grab lunch at a nearby take out place and it was beside construction being done and I asked if the place was vibrating and everyone was like um no? Just me! Still coming down off the high! After lunch I could feel the tension and stress release from my body. I got super tired. It was over. I could stop worrying. It was a good feeling.

It was super weird being in the office all day. I went in on Thursday for the morning only to make sure technology worked but this was my first full day in 2+ years. It won't happen again until probably July? Then it is supposed to be 1 day every 2 weeks. Or so they are saying. We'll see how it all ends up.

By the time I left work I was feeling it. I was tired and just ready to drop. I got home and Keith pointed to a small box. I looked at him with a puzzled expression and he said it came for me earlier. I then remembered Neeks told me she was going to send me a care package when I got covid. I perked up then and excitedly tore into it! Well colour me shocked when inside was an Ellen mug!! I had talked about ordering one but the shipping was ca-ra-zy. I couldn't justify it! Well this sweet awesome lady bought me one (which just so happens to be the same one I had actually decided on when I had tried to order it!) and shipped it to me on her dime. People are awesome. Neeks you are awesome - again thank you SO much! I shall be drinking from that sweet mug tomorrow on my coffee break!

And with that I shall bid you all g'night! I have a feeling I am going to sleep like a rock tonight! No jinx!

7:47 p.m. - 2022-06-06


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