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I'm sorry how is June almost over already?

Whoa apparently my younger brother forgot that sitting more than an hour in church is just TOO long but I guess if you are the one up in the pulpit you forget that feeling of when are they going to stop talking so we can go to coffee time and socialize and shake the numbness from our butt? Is there a way I can address that with him? Hmmm.

OK let's finish up old business first! As you may have noticed I survived Toronto! Actually my friend helped me out with my parking anxiety big time! She sent me the name of an ap that you can find and pay for parking ahead of time. You key in the address you are going and it gives you options AND prices. I was expecting to pay an arm and a leg but I paid less than $20 for over 5 hours parking and I was parked 3 minutes away. AND it was in my head office work building! A tiny bit of stress finding the parking lot but my good ol gps did not let me down. The only issue I had was finding the Hall. I walked a few blocks and then as I was sitting in the park eating my sandwich I looked up and realized I only had to walk a straight line instead of going the 3 blocks - much quicker!

The mini concert was good. I'm glad I went but it sure did make me appreciate sitting within the first 15 rows of MFB concerts. Sitting in a balcony blows. Also I found out the event was for children who deal with cancer either by having it or their parents having it. It was a good cause. Although I did feel out of place as it felt like a community of people and I was the interloper just there to see the talent they brought in then book it out. I'm sure they appreciated my money tho.

It feels like I had a 3 day weekend but that's only because I went into the office on Friday to take a first aid course. It was nice to see and hang out with work people again. A few of them I hadn't seen in 2+ years! Also nice was ending an hour early on a Friday - starting the weekend early!

I had another social weekend! Friday I was supposed to meet up with T for bevvies but then my neighour asked if I wanted to go to a movie/burlesque show with her. I had no idea what she was talking about but was intrigued. I asked her how much and she said Free so I said Yes! She was worried that she was stepping on toes since I had plans with T. I re-assured her my Friday nights with T are just casual hang outs. I didn't add on that I basically watch T drink a whole bottle of wine and spill her guts while I sit sober and watch her. I do have fun and I know T dishes more than she normally would due to the loosening of her lips. That sounds worse than it is - mostly just her ego comes out about her interactions with the men in her life - but honestly I know her so well that I already know she has a huge ego when it comes to the men in her life. I just remind her to be careful or throw in my two cents if she'll listen.

Anywho - movie/burlesque! Friday eve my neighbour came over and told me that her hubs was back from his golfing excursion - so I thought I was out as I was his replacement - but then she said no he just wanted to tag along and asked if I was ok with it. I was! Funny thing tho - he seemed super tired and I started to think by the end of the night it wasn't his idea to tag along. Hm.

We drove downtown - parked for free as she works downtown and has a pass to her work building. We walked over and got milkshakes they were amazing and then walked and listened to a free music event happening in a nearby park. I'm like maybe I should pay more attention to my hometown events? It was really fun. Then it was time to walk over to the theatre - we bought my ticket then bought drinks and popcorn and settled in (oh yah they bought my ticket so the event was technically still free for me). They also bought me my milkshake so I bought the drinks and popcorn. I had a grape cider and OMG it was so freakin' delicious!

The movie turned out to be Chicago (what are the odds I have now seen this movie/play 3x in the last couple months!). During the songs in the movie performers would get up on stage and do a burlesque dance. As this was my first introduction to burlesque in person I had no idea what to expect. There were some very good performers and some meh performers but I still give them huge kudos for getting up there and shaking their groove things!

We got home around midnight and I was asked in for a drink but I had to be up early to meet C! She had asked me a month ago to go to a town about 40 minutes away that were having a vendor market sale. At the time I thought I was going to a matinee but once I found out it was an evening performance I sent her a message a couple days ago and she said she didn't want to go. So then I suggested meeting up for coffee and a chat? Then she said meet for breakfast. Then a day before she said she now wanted to go to the market thing. I was like yah whatever as long as there is coffee in my hand I am game for anything. So I got up at 8 - out the door by 8:30 at her house by 9 and then she drove us to the market. We walked around bought a few things then went and had lunch and I was home by 2. Oh a bit later cause I stopped at the shoe store for myself.

Then it was a quick shower, dressier clothes, kiss the husband and back out the door to go see my other friend and have dinner with her before our Hamlet play. Hamlet is 3 hours long! Mother of mercy. I was quite pleased that it didn't feel that long. It was engaging even tho I had a hard time following the dialogue some of the time. My poor friend had been up since 4:30am because of her pups and fell asleep a few times beside me! I had to laugh extra loud or shift my legs and accidentally bump her a few times when her breathing threatened to turn into snores! It was again another home at midnight night.

And now? Now I am still sitting in bed. I watched my brother's church service, I had breakfast and coffee and I am trying to work up the energy to clean this damn bedroom. I have SO many clothes. I need to start being brutal and just tossing things I haven't worn in years and probably won't again. I guess part of me wants to see if this going into the office once every two weeks will stick before I get rid of work clothes. Who knows? Maybe come November they'll be like nope this doesn't work everyone back to the office Full time! I doubt it but it's a good excuse to avoid going through my clothes for now at least!

It's been killer hot all week. Today is supposed to be overcast with threatening thunder storms. Perfect time to be in and cleaning. Hm. Or outside reading until at least the rain starts! Although I'm pretty sure if my neighbour sees me out she will be asking me to hot tub like last weekend. Am I really complaining about people wanting to hang out with me? It's a hard life I tell ya...

12:29 p.m. - 2022-06-26


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