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Primed for vacation!

Summer is flying by - why can the winter never go this fast? Let's catch up shall we?

The other day I was playing with my phone because it keeps giving me this warning message about 'running out of space' so I was deleting things and I managed to delete 400 pictures. Gone. Unrecoverable. We tried. A fight ensued. Blame was thrown around. Yes, I did it but Keith had bought a device that was going to hold all our photos but then had to buy a cord or a hard drive or something and then it was forgotten about - until my sad deletion.

Yesterday I found the device and the hard drive went into my office to download the remaining pics from my phone - only to find that we were missing the special cord. Another fight ensued. I say fight but mostly it's just bickering. I did raise my voice because he ticked me off with one of his comments. Last night after he went to bed - I found the cord. I knew I would. I just need him out of my way.

Last weekend I went away for a girls' weekend with friend S. I chose a place we've never been which is always our goal. We had a lovely drive stopping at several thrift stores to browse and find treasures. At one of our stops we came out to find that my car was tossed. Paper and stuff strewn all around the car. We looked around nothing seemed missing and I drove away a few minutes later after righting the car. As I drove I thought about the empty bag at my friend's feet - well dang if my sneakers with my $500 custom orthotics hadn't been in that bag along with a bag Keith and I put all our charging cords and blocks that we need when we travel. So the big ticket items were gone. I stopped and got out just to check and yup gone. I turned around to head back as we had seen an older lady pacing back and forth from the bushes to a garbage can and when I had glanced over at her as we were leaving she did a startled jump when our eyes met. As we drove back a train delayed us by a good 5 minutes. Needless to say she was long gone and so was my stuff. We got out and searched the area but no dice. We decided to be glad we came out of the store when we did since we figure we had caught her mid toss as there were still plenty of bags untouched. I should say that it was my fault - I thought I had locked the car but had obviously hit the wrong button. BUT besides that we had a wonderful time away. We discovered a beautiful beach that had very few people on it and we got to sit in the sun and just relax for a good 8 hours. We travel very well together. Neither one of us takes the lead we just sort of confer and usually agree on what or where we want to go. Plus we love to sit on the beach until the sun sets - we just bring a lot of snacks and drinks!

What else? Next week I am on vacation! Going to a cottage with my older brother, his wife and one of their sons and my younger brother, his wife and their 2 sons. So 9 of us total. The last 2 years we camped due to covid but this year now the restrictions have lifted we were able to rent a cottage (it's actually my sister in laws brother that owns it so we even get a family discount!). I am psyched but have done little to no packing or planning. I think I'm just in that denial stage. Or afraid that the rug will be pulled out from under us. Every cough or sniffle I have I get paranoid. This vacation ends with a birthday party for my dad and uncle they are turning 75 and 85. I am in charge of decorations. It's in a large church gymnasium so um not so sure how that's going to go. I'll try my best!

Tonight I went to the mall to return items I bought last week. They were expensive and I had come home and purchased almost the identical items for a fraction of the cost on prime day.

As I left the mall I stopped at the cinnabon and was like eff it I am kicking off my vacation in style!! I had planned on saving half of it to eat on my coffee break tomorrow but nope that thing was still warm and fluffy and it is now in my belly! I regret nothing!

I'm sure there are lots of things I am forgetting but I at least wanted to get in an entry before I get into packing and vacation mode! See ya in August!

9:15 p.m. - 2022-07-21


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