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Summer ain't over yet....keep it rollin'

I'm thick. Cough cough. I mean sick. Thankfully it's a cold not dreaded covid. I tested 3x. Plus my dad got a 'real' covid test and he was negative - what does my dad have to do with this? More on that in a bit.

First let's talk vacation! It happened! It didn't get derailed. It didn't get cancelled! In fact it was wonderful. I got to spend the week hanging out with my family. Playing with my nephews. Drinking and eating when and whatever I wanted and not waking up to an alarm. I would say sleeping in but honestly I was up everyday before 8am no matter what time I went to bed. This internal clock of mine doesn't believe in sleeping in. Anywho small price to pay for an awesome week.

I did wake up midweek and thought I had covid as my throat was thick and gross and I was super stuffy. Then I convinced myself I had allergies - took 2 allergy pills and was spaced for hours. Lesson learned - again - pills work on me! At least the cold took it's sweet time arriving so I got to enjoy the last few days at the cottage feeling just a little icky.

But our time did come to an abrupt end when my one sister in law fell down the last few stairs on our last night. She slipped and both feet bent the wrong way. She couldn't walk at all. It was around 8 in the evening when it happened and we finally convinced her to go to the Emerg clinic around midnight.

My brother and her got back around 4am, not too long a wait which was nice. They were able to x-ray her feet and rule out anything broken but advised to get the xrays redone in a few days if she still couldn't weight bare.

My brother and sil (and my one nephew) left pretty early the next day. We helped them pack up and head out then we took our time doing the same and stayed to clean the cottage. Normally we would stay, have a swim and lunch but even tho it was a nice day there was quite the breeze coming off the water and it was easy to skip the swim and just move on. Sad to leave but the coolness made it a bit easier.

Keith and I then drove to my parents. We had a lovely dinner and evening with my parents - where I probably gave my dad my cold. We played games and looked at photo albums. The next morning we had breakfast, played some more games then Keith and I headed out to get ready for the 'surprise' party!

My dad knew something was up but not the details. Drama of course went down planning this party and lasted right up until the party started. We were down 2 big planners - both of my sister in laws- one due to the feet issues and the other due to a death in her family. But with a long list of instructions we pulled it off!

My uncle arrived first and was shocked to see 2 huge balloons saying 85! A few minutes later my dad arrived and saw 75 and seemed surprised as well. But he was even more surprised when at 3pm the doors opened up and so many people began streaming in. My dad was a huge part of this town for years and literally built the church we were in from the ground up. Like tore the old one down and got this modern one built! So yah so many people know him and love him and it was just amazing to see! My heart was so full. Even tho I was in the kitchen for 99% of it cleaning and putting out food and drinks and just keeping things running smoothly I didn't care. I was just so happy to see my dad and uncle and my mom all out there chatting with people they hadn't seen in years. My aching feet were worth it!

We took the last of the pics and locked up the church doors at 6 and headed home. Thankfully it was the long weekend and traffic was with us and the roads were clear and open. Keith and I grabbed a late dinner once back in town, quickly unpacked the jeep by throwing everything into the kitchen and living room and then just sat down, ate and then pretty much went to bed! Exhausted but happy!

My cold has since kicked in full force. I am snotty and coughing non stop and I sound like a chain smoker. BUT as of 4pm today I am on vacation once again!!!

I shall not bore you with my upcoming plans - I'll save that for the next entry - wink!

As for my dad, today is his official birthday. I spoke to him on Wednesday and that's when the cold he um got from "someone" was in full force. I felt SO guilty. Like terrible guilt. I wasn't sure if he could take cold meds cause of all his medical issues but I've been checking in on him since then and spoke to him tonight and he seems to be doing ok - shew!

For now I am going to wrap this up, jump into my pjs and chillax for a while before hopefully going into a nice deep long sleep! My zzzs have been lacking this week. Mostly due to my coughing at night but last night I was out to see my friend's play and then a few of us went out for drinks and it was such a night nice out and the atmosphere downtown was bustling and full of happy young people out having fun. We all stayed out later than I figured and I got home just after midnight. Ain't no cold gonna keep me down lol. I say that as I can barely keep my eyes open at 10pm on a Friday!

Alright time to go and keep this summer vibe going - it ain't over yet - hold back the pumpkin spice Neeks at least for a few more weeks! : )

9:15 p.m. - 2022-08-05


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