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Shorter days...gotta have more s'mores

Ok August slow your roll! The days are getting shorter. The evenings now have a chill to them. Sigh. I do love Fall - don't get me wrong but Summer always feel way too short. Winter feels endless. Hm.

So my cold is all gone. It took 2 weeks to the day before all the symptoms disappeared.

I have a relatively quiet couple weeks coming up. No engagements no plans no events. It's weird. I guess I will relax? I started and finished a book this weekend. I started another one but it's not holding my attention as much.

I hung out with my neighbours on Saturday. I sat in their hot tub yesterday afternoon - weirdly enough even tho it's hot it's not uncomfortable. Then we had dinner outside with them and then a fire at our other neighbours house. It was a nice day/evening. Keith and I left around 11ish - which is late for him and early for me. I just decided I didn't want to eff myself over too much staying out too late. As it was I didn't get up til after 10am this morning and I apparently slept 9 hours according to my fitbit! I guess my body needed it. All that fresh air helped!

I started a new to me show today (it was a sort of rain day) The Marvelous Mrs Maisel. It's always been on my list to watch cause it was created and written by the creators of my favourite show Gilmore Girls. So far it's good. I'm on episode 4.

What else? I took Keith away 2 weekends ago to my beach place. The place I go to have my solo girl trip in September. He liked it. I still can't get over the guy who bought it 3 years ago renovated this past winter and took away 3 of the best rooms - 2 with balconies and made himself a suite to live in! Um not very business savvy but I guess he knows his finances better than me!

What else? Last weekend was my family reunion. It was a small gathering but I think in the end there were 27 of us. I was happy for my mom. It her side of the family and so many of the elders are dying and the next generations don't know each other well enough to keep it going.

Before we left town we stopped at rib fest with my younger brother and his fam. Spent some cash had some fun. Cue to 4am and Keith was puking his guts out. I guess something didn't agree with him! We both had the same ribs but I gave him most of mine and he also had pulled pork. He also didn't have a candy apple like I did so that's probably what saved me (I joke). But poor guy dragged his butt to work. He did skip a couple deliveries and came home early but man what a trooper!

Work is absolute hell right now. We're just so busy. Why can't ppl just stop getting hurt at work? Just sayin'. My favourite is when they get mad they can't speak to someone because they are on vacation. Like how dare WE get vacation?! Why aren't we chained to our desks 24/7?!

Speaking of desks - I was in the office last week! My first official RTO (rtn to office). What's funny besides the fact there is zero point of me being there since I can't sit in a room with my teammates and have the "interaction' my work keeps touting because they are FIVE HOURS AWAY from me was the fact that MY manager is on vacation. So it was just pointless. Also very unorganized with the whole booking your desk crap they make you go thru - even though I have a dedicated desk - what kind of horse shit is this that I have to book my own bloody desk?! There were 2 silver linings - seeing my friend and co-worker in the flesh and getting to hang out and the fact that I couldn't go on phones because my manager has my new headset that works with the new system they installed.

Ok I need to end on something happy. Let's see. Oh I began walking again! I've been complaining so much about my hips and back being sore and finally I"m like hey YOU stop complaining and do something already! So Thursday I set my alarm early and actually got up and walked. Ditto Friday and Saturday. I hope tmrw to be the same - if I get to bed at a decent hour AND it doesn't rain. It's threatened all day but who knows when the eff it will actually happen. My poor cedar trees are dying. We'll probably lose at least 2 of the 6 we put in. This summer heat has been brutal. Yesterday when Keith got home we finally did some yard work before it got brutally hot. Our back yard was so overgrown. By the time we came into the house I was sneezing and blowing my nose non-stop. Allergies. Luckily one pill and that nonsense stopped.

Ok gonna end this entry and call it a night. Sweet dreams!

9:41 p.m. - 2022-08-21


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