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Come on summer....just last one more week!

Oy time for an update! First off I have had 2 different strangers tell me in the last couple days how great my hair looks - the colour everything. The best part? I've been spazzing that I really need to colour it STAT because I'm overdue. One girl didn't believe me when I said I coloured it myself - from a box - she was like but it has so many colours etc. I later laughed with Keith and said I get that multi colour because some of my greys are tough to cover LOL. Ah well I guess I will just take the compliments and stop worrying about when I will 'refresh' it next.

I am technically on vacation right now! Yup it's beach week. I know - it's pretty much sweater weather but I am one frugal bitch and can't pay full price to stay a few days at the beach! Plus there's something SO sweet about being on vacation while the rest of the world is running around like crazy going back to school and work. I call this my birthday vacation. I treat myself. Keith was "helping" me figure out my meals for the week when I was thinking about loud this morning and just sort of taking over in what I should buy etc and I started laughing and was like STOP! This is why I have my solo vacation! I buy what I want - do I what I want and I don't have to worry about others' needs! I love him dearly but it's just nice to sit on the beach for hours and eat at odd times and walk early in the morning meandering thru the streets looking at all the cottages and grabbing my morning tim's. I worry about nobody's happiness except my own! I sure hope the weather co-operates! I will make the best of it regardless. I brought a lot of dvds and a few books. But I'm hoping the beach will be ok to sit on and just relax. I don't even need to swim (although that would be a bonus) but just sitting and reading at the beach - bliss! I even saved my DQ treat day!

OK enough of that! Can you tell I"m excited?

I think I"m ticking my neighbour off - we're chatting on messenger about Oktoberfest. She really wanted to go to the buffet like we've done a few times in the past. However I really can't eat that stuff anymore without suffering ill effects. But I was going to just make the best of it so I looked it up and then found out it doesn't run the last weekend of Oktoberfest! The weekend after Thanksgiving! She's not taking the news well. Also not happy that's my only free weekend. I mean she can go with others so it's not a total loss. Most people stay home for Thanksgiving we just happen to be the couple that travel to family every major holiday. And holy cow every weekend is now filled up for us from now til Thanksgiving (Canadian)!

I come home from the beach on Friday and then the very next day I pack up and head out for an overnight stay on a boat! It's a friend of a friend. I'm going with S and her man as well as T. Thankfully Keith is a-ok with not going! T is psyched to be going but I always am sceptical until we are actually in the car together that she will just bail.

What else? We had a good long weekend. After work Friday Keith and I finally got our pics done for our passport photo. (Next step is to find a day I can stand in line for a few hours to get those bad boys done!) Friday eve I went over and had a visit with T - it's been a while. Got home a little after midnight. Saturday it was $3 movie day so we saw Bullet Train and it was really quite good - a lot of blood but still funny. The popcorn was SO effin expensive! Like $26 for 2 pops, licorice and a medium bag of popcorn. I gotta go back to sneaking in my pop and just buying the popcorn - I can't say no to that stuff! We saw a matinee so we were a bit discombobulated leaving the theatre! We headed home with a couple of minimal stops. I was going to 'clean' but basically read and watched tv. We splurged and got fastfood for din - pizza for him and chinese food for me. Both of us had leftovers the next day. I love ordering dinner for one but having 2 meals out of it!

My neighbour mentioned a fire that evening but I understood it as a 'maybe'. I found out today it was def happening but since no one texted me I figured it was cancelled due to the threat of rain! Who knew?

Sunday was overcast and a bit chilly but Keith surprised me by looking up what to do in our area and he found a craft event in a nearby town we don't frequent so we took a drive out there and walked the streets and bought a few things (yup x-mas gifts already!) and then had a late lunch at a restaurant in the area. We got home around din and just relaxed and watched a bit of tv before he had to call it a night. I was a few hours behind.

Today was another overcast day but with a bit more humidity. Everything was closed. which was fine by me. I really had to clean! Why? Well in 9 days my parents are coming to visit! And I will be away half of those days and have plans up until the day they arrive! I did get to mop the floors and gave the living room a good vacuum. Our place is always a disaster cause we have so much stuff. I just gotta move it around and out of the way the best I can a day or so before they arrive.

After the housework and cleaning out my car for the trip I then showered (second one of the day!) and sat outside with my book ready to chillax. My neighbours sensing that came over and I ended up chatting most of the afternoon. Ah well. It's better than not being liked right?

Ok I should probably wrap up here - catch up with my online peeps and then shut this down! I got a bit more packing to do. I packed my clothes last night. Then took half the clothes out and rezipped it. I always over pack and I hate that! It doesn't help I have to pack for hot to cold weather. Chances of ALL weather that's for sure.

My ultimate goal this week? To sleep. Nice deep sleep. To wake up without bags under my eyes looking sleep deprived. I really gotta work on that. I have little stress in life - compared to others - so I really should learn to just chill and look after myself.

PS - 10 days til my birthday! I'm like a kid with my birthday. It's not that I enjoy getting older per se I just really like the excuse it gives me to see my friends and family! I wonder if I can fit in the horse races this year? I should mention it to my neighbours! Hm. I"m gonna think on that. Ok really going now!

8:38 p.m. - 2022-09-05


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