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Vacation wrap up...sayonara Summer!

Just a quick entry then I need to go to bed STAT! I do not want to be one of those people who go back to work after being on vacation exhausted - because I am! So the plan is to ignore the dishes, ignore the unpacking, finish this entry and Go. To. Bed.

My Vacation at the Beach turned out Amazing! It was beautiful all week. Hot but not crazy hot and the evenings only got a bit cool not teeth chattering cold. FB showed me memories from last year and it was rainy and chilly most of the week - I got some beautiful pics of rain storms over the lake but otherwise it was a much different week last year.

My room was awesome as I had the new balcony. I could sit in the mornings and in the evenings with a view of the water (they had taken down a tree that blocked most of that view).

I did myself proud and ate every meal in my room and did not get take out once. Besides having a sensitive stomach because of my meds I also would rather not spend $20 to $30 a meal when I could spend that money on my sweaters and rings!

I did my morning walks to Tim's while checking out the cottages. The last day I did my walk and Tim's was closed to walk-ins due to plumbing issues. Just the drive thru was open. I was bummed but walked back to the motel and then was like what the heck - get in your car and drive there dummy! LOL. So that's what I did.

I came home Friday after peeling myself off the beach mid afternoon and got home in time for dinner and spent a bit of time with Keith before he headed to bed. The next morning I was up and out by 10:30 to pickup T and meet S and her man and go on a boat adventure!

The boat adventure was fun. The drive into T dot was horrible but luckily S was driving. We spent the afternoon being escorted to a little hide away beach via a dingy. Then we got changed, back on the dingy brought to a sail boat and went for a ride around the area stopping at the bluffs where we dropped the anchor and then had some snacks: cheese, meat and crackers while watching the sunset. It felt like it could be an elegant moment but we'd been drinking since we got there (don't worry the driver was sober). I'm just saying we were a few drinks past elegant. It was more par-tay. We even blared the "I'm on a boat" song at one point.

After that - changed again for some of us and just before we were about to head out to the marina restaurant/pub I was surprised with a cake. My friend S is awesome. She gave me a cool b-day gift bag filled with things that I love. She rocks.

We then made our way and had dinner and then many many more drinks. But we also danced our butts off! I can't remember the last time I danced! It's literally been years! It was a small group like 20 or so people but it was just nice to be out in public with people and having a good time! It was someone's birthday so we even got free cake!

We got back a little after midnight and hemmed and hawed if we wanted to go back out to a bonfire. After sitting there for a while we all figured out it was a no! After a last drink or so we stumbled to our separate quarters around 1:30 for bed. T and I were bunking together and we ended up chatting til 3am. This morning we all awoke a little worse for wear but for the most part ok. I gave my only tylenol to T as I think she needed it more than me - she drank WAY more than me. We packed up and all went out for breakfast before the 4 of us got back in the car and hit the hwy home - again so thankful S drove!

The drive home was longer than I thought and I got home later than I had hoped or thought. I got home a little after 5. I feel bad I have ignored my husband so much this past week and I know he feels the same. I am going to have to make an effort to show him the love which is going to be tough since it's my b-day week and I'll be again going out without him and seeing friends. Also my parents arrive Wednesday afternoon for dinner and an overnight visit! I plan on taking Thursday off to have breakfast with my parents then a massage that afternoon. I'll play the rest of the day by ear!

Alright it's bedtime! Time to brush the tooths and head to bed! Gotta be well rested for birthday week!

9:23 p.m. - 2022-09-11


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