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Ok I'm ready for Fall now!

Birthday week is officially ovah!

I had a nice dinner out with T and C last week. C was a bit of a crab in the beginning but we managed to drag her out of her crabby shell and she was smiling and laughing by the time we were done.

My plans for this weekend got cancelled due to a covid scare. My nephew D came down with cold like symptoms and a bad cough - he was testing negative but we didn't want to risk it. I figured we'd just stay home and just do whatever. Keith called me into the living room Friday evening and asked what I wanted to do - and then pulled up some hotel room options in Niagara Falls. He knew I'd feel a bit down and wanted to end my b-day with a fun weekend. It was super sweet of him. Funny enough I think the week I was away did bring us closer. He's still the person I want to spend all my days and nights with which is pretty awesome when we're coming up to 17 years married and 19 years of being together.

My parents came up on Wednesday they got here around 4pm and we were able to go out to dinner and get back in time for Keith to go to bed on time. My mom and I played a few games before we called it a night around 11. I was up at 8 and my mom was up shortly after. She said my dad had a rough night as his vertigo kicked in and he couldn't really sleep. I didn't even know he had vertigo! So we let him sleep. He got up around 10 and we headed out for breakfast. He used a cane so he wasn't so wobbly. It's tough watching your parents get older.

They left around 12:30 to drive home. I headed out for my massage a while later. Once back, I showered and we headed out for a while before grabbing dinner to bring home. I really wanted Swiss Chalet and had the worst service I've had in a while. I try and be patient cause I have NO idea where all the workers have gone because it seems every single store is looking for help these days. Is unemployment that low? I wrote a bitchy email mainly because I felt the owner/manager did nothing after they realized their mistake and that just pissed me off. I can be patient due to lack of staff but when you make a mistake and don't acknowledge it. No bueno lady.

Aaaaanyway, I let it go and we ate and then had more birthday cake. My mom had make me a cake. Keith had also bought me a cake. Losing weight is not an option at this moment in time.

I had a bit of a melancholy moment on Friday morning while I was working. Just seeing my parents and their frailness and having the weekend seeing the rest of my family cancelled sent me into a bit of a funk. I listened to the song, du jour, that is bound to make me cry called Count on Me by Jac Ross. Oy. It's from a kids animated movie but oh my the lyrics are just spot on and can make me tear up!

NF was fun as it's been a while since we've been. It was super hot and muggy this weekend. End of summer is giving us a run for it's money! We paid more than I liked but Keith picked out the hotel and I like that he is so invested in making me happy. Although even if I chose it probably would have been pricy the Falls were extremely busy this weekend! We schleped around the main drag until about 8pm when he hit a wall. The guy could barely stay on his feet. He was done. We went back to the room - he got into bed and just immediately fell asleep. I put on my shoes and went back out walking the busy streets. I walked to the liquor store - quite a ways away mostly because I got lost - then to the sub shop that was my main goal - and got back to the hotel and read and ate my sub until I was sleepy and went to bed as well.

I saved half my sub for Keith to eat when he got up. We both slept later than I thought which was nice. We eventually showered and checked out and then grabbed a pretty expensive breakfast! We joked that we are probably now that couple who can order one meal and just split it! He usually eats all his but feels too full and I usually leave half of mine!

We walked around a bit more before heading home. We realized at that point that we had left the booze I had bought in the mini fridge. We are usually so good about checking the fridge! But it was only 2 cans. Keith felt totally bad and started to get into a funk cause I may have went on about it for too long - but then I pulled him out of it. It was only $6 worth of booze - I put it into perspective for both of us!

We got home just before dinner - decided to order Greek for dinner and had a delicious meal albeit very garlic-y.

I zoomed with my mom tonight she showed me her horrible rash that she doesn't know how she got. She even went to the emerg room and they gave her creams and pills but it is spreading and getting worse. It oozes and looks horrible. I feel so bad for her. They think it may have been something when they were at their trailer cleaning up leaves and debris. I am going to pick Keith's brain tomorrow. I sure hope it starts to get better. She says it's spreading to other parts of her body which sounds horrible. Apparently she had it when they were here but I didn't see it. She did borrow one of my sweaters which I have in the wash and of course their bedding was immediately changed when they left. Mostly I feel for her. Sigh. Again with the worrying!

Ok I am gonna wrap this up - get ready for bed and hopefully head to dream land at a decent time tonight. I am after all 48 years old now! : P

8:40 p.m. - 2022-09-18


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