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Did I? Or didn't I?

Let me take you on a ride! The other day I was perusing FB begrudgingly - because I hate that I want to see what's going on in other's lives. I know I know I should just give it up. However! While scrolling I saw that MFB - or as others may know him Mr Bolton was going to be in Canada again - this December. Of course this sent me down the rabbit hole of when tickets go on sale. I found the casino website and then the upcoming concert and found out tickets go on sale Sep 23. Then I clicked on that info and went to the master of ticket website and found that you can purchase tickets early on Sep 21 for the pre-sale!

Pre-sale?! Then I dove deeper what did I need for this pre-sale? I thought it had something to do with casino rewards - I looked - I couldn't sign up unless it's in person. Drat. But then I was chatting with C and she gave me her account info. Now we're cooking with oil! I went on with her info and saw that.....nothing changed.

Head scratch. Hm.

So I went to MFB's website. Looked up Tour dates - found this one - for the early date! Huzzah! Success! I just had to go thru the website at the correct time and I could get early tix!

I slept like crap last night. Like a kid at x-mas. I put it out of my mind so I wouldn't jinx it. It didn't really help. I was still excited.

Fast forward to 9:50 this morning and I was nervously pacing while Keith signed me in to the master of ticket and we watched the countdown. Finally at 10am it opened up and......

DENIED! I needed a passcode to get this pre-sale! Wth! We googled we searched we tried many things. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. It wasn't going to happen.

Fine. I sort of knew it was too good to be true. But then while Keith was clicking away on the master of ticket website something happened - it let him choose a seat. Not just a seat. A seat dead centre. Front row. For MFB.

Ok I am not going to candy coat it. It was expensive. Hella expensive. I was going to puke expensive. I couldn't justify it. I couldn't pull the trigger.

Or could I?

I sat there looking at Keith and asked him, "Am I going to regret this?". He's known I have always wanted to be front and centre but it was one of those pipe dreams. He then said, "let's call it your anniversary and Christmas gift wrapped in one". So I did it! I bought the ticket FRONT ROW CENTRE.

It's a lot of money and it's not like we're loaded but as I said to Keith, I sometimes forget we're not poor anymore. Like 10 years ago we were living on a wing and prayer hanging onto our house by the skin of our teeth. Now I'm spending half of my pay seeing MFB! Not quite but almost - winky face!

Speaking of spending money my credit card is getting a work out! I just purchased tickets for a sunset cruise for our Anniversary and a hotel nearby the cruise. Also I booked a hotel for Thanksgiving. That one is a unknown at this point but there was talk of where it might be and a room would be needed. I can cancel if it's not needed.

Tomorrow it's supposed to be cooler than it's been....sweater weather if you will...and I am ready! I am ready to zip up the jeans, lace up the boots and throw on a sweater! Bring it!

I'm meeting a friend for dinner and a movie tomorrow evening. It's at an ancient theatre and it's an old movie called Knives Out! I can't wait! Then this weekend our neighbour is having a surprise b-day party for their spouse. As long as it doesn't rain I say it will be a good time!

I have a Spring in my step....even though it's Fall!

6:17 p.m. - 2022-09-21


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