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A sniffle = a Covid test oh how time's have changed

I just took a covid test. My friend sat across from me the other night, at our Oktoberfest party, sneezing and blowing her nose and sounding worse by the minute. She assured us all it was just allergies but now I am sitting her blowing my nose, sneezing and feeling like poop. My test was negative so I'm pretty sure it's just the 'common' cold. But here in Canada it's also our Thanksgiving Weekend!

Tomorrow we head out, cheesecake in hand, to kick off the weekend at my younger brother's house and then Sunday drive to my parents where we will have about 20 of us gather and eat and celebrate. Then Monday we will drive to Keith's side of the family, with another cheesecake, and celebrate with them. I'm tired just thinking about it all - but then again that could be the cold speaking!

So to wrap up old business the other night with the potluck vent went off really well. We had a shit ton of food left over and extra booze was brought (and I think drank by those who brought it - ha) but still it was done. Keith did the most cooking and baking so my neighbour can stuff it.

Our anniversary weekend was quite nice as well. We saw Singing in the Rain in T dot. I've never seen it before - the movie that is - so it was fun. The play was great. We sat in the nose bleeds but it was all good. We spent the night at a hotel and ended up at the steak house beside the hotel which turned out to be awe-some! So damn yummy! It was a lovely mostly stress free weekend. The only stress was T dot traffic and even that was minimal. In February we are going to see Harry Potter which I'm psyched for. I already bought the tickets so it's happening!

Speaking of happening T asked me a month or so ago to go to a poutine and mac n'cheese festival with her. I said yes then heard nothing else. Fast forward to 2 nights ago and a friend asked to hang out with me next weekend - I texted T and yup she totally forgot but still wanted to go. Sigh. That girl is too much. So we booked us a hotel and will be going to the Falls next weekend on a mini girl trip. Then the weekend after I will see my friend and we'll celebrate her b-day early!

Speaking of friends a few of my work friends have been given notice that their jobs are being affected. Emotional times right now. I'm trying to be there for them which is all I can do right now.

What else? I have a 4 day weekend. I had today off. I spent it mostly watching the Office and pretending to clean my room. Once I wrap up here I am going to sign off, go pack us an overnight bag and I'm not going to say go to bed early cause every damn time I say that I don't! But rest assured cold nighty time meds are in my future!

7:19 p.m. - 2022-10-07


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