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Take a step back

I've said it before but man time is flying by!

My weekend with T worked out great. Our poutine adventure was the shortest part of our trip (the hype was over rated). We laughed and shopped and talked and just had fun. It was nice. C isn't happy with us - emoji's show the real emotion - so I've been avoiding her for a bit.

Thanksgiving was also good. Lots of turkey. Lots of family. My parents did too much. My dad especially. He wasn't eating or drinking right (he can't consume too many liquids with only one kidney and being on dialysis). Turns out he had a ton of fluid in his lungs and had to get xrays and extra dialysis. Thankfully he felt much better after all that. But it taught us a lesson - we have to stop depending on our parents to do all the heavy work even if they are awesome at it (my mom cooks the best turkey and my dad carves it like nobodies business).

Since then I've thrown my co-worker a retirement party that turned out pretty awesome. Found out another co-worker is leaving (someone else is throwing that party). Found out from work today that 22 people that have jobs near-ish to what I do were found redundant as well. Sigh. My employer is outsourcing. They've done this in the past with dire consequences and I honestly 100% hope it blows up in their face and f&cks them over big time. Ahem.

And then I took another friend out for her b-day lunch last weekend. She turned 62. Had a good time. The day before her actual b-day this past Monday she got let go from her job. Sigh.

I'm sad for all my friends and my co-workers but I 100% let this stuff get to me too much. It's almost like I take on their sadness. For my own mental health I have to step back. Put up a bit of a wall.

What else? Keith is taking next week off. His plan was to work on the basement but I am going to tell you now that ain't happening. He's got Halloween to set up and take down. He's got 2 medical appointments and maybe will have to work one of the days next week. I decided not to take the week off. I will take partial days. I do have enough vacation but in all honesty it would frustrate me beyond belief to take a week off to work on the basement and.....not get around to it. I took one full day - Friday. Winky face.

Ok this entry is not particularly uplifting so I shall call it a day and go catch up with my peeps, call my parents for a chat and then relax in front of the boob tube for a while before bed.

But I will end with 2 pieces of good news!

1. Keith went for his eye appointment today and didn't have to get needles in his eyes! The lasering and meds are working. He was beyond thrilled and relieved.

2. Both of us got our Passports in the mail! Huzzah we are able to travel for the next 10 years! I was worried about Keith's since he had received a call because his place of birth didn't match with his old one (I had accidentally wrote MY city of birth since I filled both ours out!).

Peace out Peeps!

7:08 p.m. - 2022-10-26


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