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Halloween, basement and oy my back!

I am quite glad I decided not to take a full week of vacation - it went as I predicted. Keith was too tired/busy/sore to work in the basement. He had medical appointments and then throw in the day his boss asked him to work and it was a write-off. He seemed honestly surprised at this outcome which I really did my best not to laugh at.

Halloween went off great. Keith spent all of Monday out there putting up a great display. It drizzled on him off and on but thankfully that was all. We had almost 70 kids over the course of the evening. We made a handful cry which I did feel bad about. Our new skeleton jumps - but she does count down so c'mon! I had to eventually meet the kids coming up the stairs and tell them to look at the skeleton because she was about to jump! Most of them gave me a "this lady is crazy look" but then it jumped - they jumped and they believed me - but thankfully didn't cry! We decided next year to move that skeleton farther from the door!

I did take half vac days which was awesome. I really got used to working half days - it was actually great. You get out of bed at a decent time - do a few hours work then call it a day! I had a couple appointments myself and then a hair appointment to end my week. I got a few inches cut off - the girl kept asking if I was sure - she was a newbie and kept asking the instructor about my wishes. Ha. In the end she did a great job. Last night I dyed it and it's a lot darker than I'm used to. I'm trying to be zen about it and give it a chance. We'll see if it lightens up with some washes and being outside.

I haven't been outside much yesterday or today because we actually WORKED ON THE BASEMENT! Yup - we were down there hauling around drywall and holding it up - measuring - holding it up again - cutting - then finally placing it up. My arms are SORE and my back is effed. Sucks because we both just had chiro! Ah well. Luckily Keith can adjust me by lifting me but I can't do the same for him. We got more done than I thought we could yesterday. Today was a bit of a miss. We decided to put in a closet in the basement and I guess it's a bit of an issue trying to figure out how to drywall it cause it's under the stairs and blah blah blah I'm bored. I ran out to get us lunch and when I came back I was informed we were done for the day. I was ok with that cause standing was not my friend at that point so I grabbed my book, showered in hot water, took some meds and just rested in bed for the afternoon. It was kind of nice.

It's finally chilly. The last few nights have been brutally warm. I don't like sleeping when I'm too warm - give me a chill anytime!

Not much else going on. We haven't switched over all our clocks yet so it's either 9:30 pm or 8:30pm depending on where I look.

I'm in the office this week on Tuesday. Supposed to have lunch with some co-workers - it was a 3-some that got turned into 7ish and then one of the core 3 pulled out and yah who knows how many ppl now!

It's a 4 day week which is great. I'm off remembrance day which is a Friday. I may go to the downtown service - it would be the first live in person one in a few years. That evening I am going to a Murdoch Mysteries event with a friend. I'm excited for that.

Ok time to log off this laptop (I just zoomed with my mom), kind of clean up the kitchen and then get ready for bed.

8:29 p.m. - 2022-11-06


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