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Almost 50 or almost 15?

I can't tell if I'm being overly sensitive or bitchy?

On Thursday (so yesterday) my neighbour invited us to a St Patty's fondue at their place for tonight. They've had them in the past and they have been fun. I thought it was kind of late for an invite to be honest but figured they were on the fence about having it. Unfortunately Keith had just did a shop and was planning to make an Irish Stew for us. I said I would try and drop by after the din for a drink.

A while later she dropped by to give Keith slippers (they didn't fit) and mentioned that a couple had dropped out that she had asked so she invited me and our other neighbour. She then rambled on a bit about making sure there's enough room but I sort of stopped listening and was just like "huh so I wasn't actually invited? It's just now other people have dropped out?". Keith was all like we were just away with them why would they want to spend more time with us?

Which. Ok. Fine. But still. Bruised feelings?

Nobody likes to be an after thought or a space filler (unless it's for award shows - that would be pretty cool). Anywho so here I sit debating on whether I am going to go over. I was all gung ho earlier to go over for a bit so I text them to let me know when they were done or starting dessert and I'd head over (I had bought mini cupcakes to contribute). About 10 minutes ago she text me to say they are for sure slowing down. And here's the thing - now I'm hungry! I had a cup of stew at 5pm but since I wasn't that hungry I had a little - now I'm hungry lol.

So I think I am going to text in a few and give my apologies. Thankfully they have a crowd of people so I know I won't be missed and honestly I am tired. It's been a long week. March Break is this week so quite a few people are off in my department at work and you can tell. I also found out my new hours. Turns out as of April 17th I will be working 7:45 to 3:45. Huh. I got better hours? Better if you want to be done work earlier which I do!

I think I will throw on my pj's, make a bag of popcorn and finish packing and wrapping. We are heading to my parents tomorrow when Keith gets home from work - via a stop at my dad's church for a dinner event - I found out I will be seeing both my brothers as well so that's super cool! The presents are for my mom and sister in law.

OK time to post and get this lame house party for one started!

8:23 p.m. - 2023-03-17


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