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Day 1 - Let's get healthy!

I finally went back to the gym! I felt this was worth posting. It's about time. Many excuses but I'm not looking back just forward! How do I feel? Amazing. Did I do a hard work out? Heck no! I walked for 30 minutes, biked for 10 and stretched for about 10. Mgawd that stretching felt so good it was all I could do not to moan out loud - they have a machine that I do and then some free style stretches afterwards. How fast I get back into a routine!

Why now? Well to be honest I've been monitoring my blood pressure the last 2 weeks and the numbers are scary. Not stroke scary but high enough that I'm sure my doctor will have something to say. (I see her in 2 weeks) And I'm on blood pressure meds. Sooooo. Exercise and lose the weight - what option do I have? Die?

Yesterday I played hooky. Basically I thought it was going to be a shit show at work and I didn't want to deal with it - there was a potential to have some stressful situations because the employer wasn't listening to us. Turns out it wasn't as bad as we had thought but I don't regret spending the day with the hubs out and about. We left the house in sunshine and cool winds and hit a few thrift stores and eventually Ikea our ultimate destination. The cabinet we wanted was out of stock. Basically all cabinets were out of stock. We checked another Ikea and lo and behold they had a ton of stock. We looked at the time and decided we could do it. Then we hit a snow storm. A snow storm!! It slowed us down a bit but we eventually got there, found everything we needed, loaded the jeep up and headed home WITH FULL SUNNY SKIES. Such crazy weather!

So that will hopefully be our weekend - putting up the new cabinets. It would also be nice to get our new fridge but so far no call!

OK time to put the lap top away and begin getting ready for bed! Oh and I started listening to an audio book at the gym - The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck. I think that's the title. It's keeping my attention and makes the time zoom by!

9:08 p.m. - 2023-03-30


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