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What do people do in Vegas? I know one thing...

5 more sleeps til Vegas!

What are we gonna do in Vegas? We're working on the itinerary but one thing that is booked? We're getting married! Ok fine - renewing our vows! Keith suggested it and the more we talked about it the more it made sense to me. It's been a rough few months and although we both feel we are on the right track this extra commitment ceremony will mean a lot. We even bought rings. Ok silicone rings cause Keith can't wear rings due to his fingers and issues but whatever I think it's cool.

I think b-day month has officially wined down. Dinners, horse races and live music shows not mention spending time with family have beyond spoiled me this year.

But also today? I caught my foot on my other sandal and tore my big toe nail half way down. It looks gross. And hurt like a son of a gun. We googled and watched videos then finally decided to try the tea bag and nail glue method. So far? It's doing ok. But seriously right before a big trip? Oh Universe. Nah oh clumsy curious-me!

Ok time to hit the hay. Just a short entry to say hi. It's gonna be a busy week. Last minute trip stuff as well as my parents coming for an overnight visit. Cleaning and packing. OH boy.

10:39 p.m. - 2023-09-24


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