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Well it's been a while. A couple months I believe. I may have been avoiding writing in here until I knew what I wanted to say or how to say it. Wow build things up much?

Keith and I have been and are going thru a rough patch in our marriage. I've decided not to get into the nitty gritty of it but it basically boils down to each of us did things that broke each other's trust and we have ultimately decided we want this marriage to work and will continue to work on it minute by minute, day by day, month by month.

This all went down (or came to light) during the 3 weeks we had my 2 nephews visiting with a family vacation in between. It was a struggle to be 'normal'. And we still aren't sure if my brother - the minister - didn't catch on to our marital issues as during the prayers at church he mentioned something about helping couples who may be struggling in their marriage etcetc. Keith felt like it was pointed at us but who's to say?

It's been an emotional time to say the least and even though some of the times we have long talks are pure hell I come out of it believing that this all may have happened for a reason and am glad it happened. We have never been so close....or so open with one another. I think we have also rekindled the love we have always had for each other but over the years had begun to take for granted or even ignore. I know we have a long road ahead of us and it won't be easy but I also know there is SO much love between us and I have to trust in that.

So that's all I'm gonna say about that. Needless to say I have started writing in a paper journal because I need a place to be 100% myself uncensored.

But also I hate writing long hand so I still shall be writing in this ol diary my daily or weekly musings!

I am coming upon b-day week! My b-day is on the 15th. I have had so many ppl on fb wish me a happy b-day causeI have had posts with a dessert with a candle or an early b-day party celebrated with friends. Kind of funny. This past weekend was one such party. A fun weekend with my friend S, and a few of her/now my friends (Keith was there too) where we went to art crawl and saw a lot of cool stuff and bought a few little treasures followed by dinner at the hawaiian bar which is always fun! Funny story - I am going to be at said restaurant this Thursday as well!

Thursday is my in office day and I will be travelling to a nearby office - about an hour drive - to spend time with co-workers for a social day. I missed the first one we had at the beginning of the summer so I am actually looking forward to this one. A few of us are going out to dinner after work (hawaiian). That number keeps getting smaller but I'm ok with that.

I may also be going into my home office (in town) on Wednesday as well. That's because our internet provider has advised us they will be working in the area that day and we may have no internet for most or all of the day. So 2 days for sure where I"ll be getting up extra early - sigh. I can do it.

I'm toying with taking Friday off - but I know for sure I will be taking a part day as I have a massage. I have to see how many days I have left. I know I have them but I lost track of what I have left. Speaking of vac days - Keith and I decided to go away for our anniversary this year - so on the 29th of this month we fly out to.....


Yah I'm pretty excited! Neither of us have ever been and it's just time!

We are also trying to research where we want to go next year for our 50th b-days. Initially I wanted to take a train out West to British Columbia but upon researching it, it will cost anywhere from $5k to 10k PER PERSON. Um how about no? So we are pivoting and now looking to go to Greece or Italy etc. Places I have never been and only dreamt about going. Keith has been everywhere as when he was in his 20s he travelled for like 2 or 3 months I think and hit all these places by himself. I don't want to jinx it so I shall stop talking about that now. Plus I have Vegas to concentrate on right now. And before Vegas I have so many little get togethers with family and friends. If I pause too long to think about it I get a little teary cause I really do realize how blessed I am to have these people in my life.

Ok. I think that is all I have in me for tonight. It was a big deal to get this entry out of the way. I would log in - catch up on other blogs - then log out cause I was never sure what to say. So there you have it. Initial entry done. Next one should be easier.

Now I am going to get ready for bed and call it a night. We went to bed last night around 2am and were up at like 7ish - cause Keith and I are now morning people. We sat up for a couple hours just chatting and talking while waiting for S and her guy to wake up and I told him it was my favourite part of the day.

9:11 p.m. - 2023-09-10


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