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Sending a lot of virtual hugs this week

On Monday I woke up to a text that my sil's mom passed away. It was expected but it's never easy. I speak like I know but I don't and I dread the day I have to go thru it.

The next day my other sil's father went into the hospital. I have known my sil since we were teenagers and I can honestly say I've only seen her dad a handful of times. He's never been one to attend family events - more of a recluse. He also smokes like a fiend. Now he has undiagnosed COPD, a tumor in his lung and a tumor in his bladder. He's currently in the hospital on oxygen. They can't send him home with oxygen because they don't do that if you are a smoker.

So it's been that kind of week. I'm trying to be there for both of my sils while also trying to not absorb myself in their grief.

I had a vac day on Friday. I had plans to get our jeep undercoated, a massage mid day and meet up with co-workers/friends that evening. I did do all those things just with a hiccup of driving to Keith's work to get our car towed after getting the jeep done. We had it towed to our mechanic as it was acting funny on his drive to work and then once at work it refused to start. The tow truck driver thinks it's the alternator so we'll see.

Saturday we headed down the highway to see my family. I had 3 b-day gifts to distribute and also a basket of goodies I made/donated to the church for their silent auction. I hope it gets some good bids - all proceeds go to the church.

We stayed the night and had a good time. I wasn't sure if it would be sad but my sil spoke of her mom fondly and stayed dry eyed. The funeral isn't for another week.

A small group of us managed to go out for lunch after church today - my older brother and sil were able to get away from the hospital. It was my niece - their daughter's 25th b-day today so I'm glad we could have a little celebration. My parents couldn't make it due to their own church commitments but we did get to see them after lunch for a while when they drove down.

My sil and I joked about a cross border trip - me for lip tint and her for booze that she found she really likes but of course we don't have here in Canada lol.

I was thinking about my trip to Vegas (too bad I didn't know about the lip tint then - yah yah I'll let it go I swear) but anyway any time anyone asks me how the trip was I just say expensive! I do expand a bit but honestly I realized I should not be a spokesperson for Vegas! I did enjoy it but I didn't enjoy how crazy expensive everything was. It probably doesn't help I'm more of an all inclusive kind of gal so paying for every little thing is hella annoying. I am glad we went tho! I think if you are interested then everyone should go at least once! I would even go back so that's saying a lot. I know what to expect now and would be more prepared. Plus? Lip tint hahaha - I'll stop. ; )

I have a stat tomorrow - a 4 day weekend. It went too fast. Always does tho. It's supposed to be a pretty nice day so my HOPE is to go to bed at a decent time tonight - get up early and go outside and do a bunch of yard work (bagging all the sticks and leaves) before K gets home. Then we can have the afternoon together to do whatever we want. I tend to stay up late when I know I don't have to work the next day. Although I am tired cause we stayed up til midnight last night and I had a heck of a time falling and staying asleep.

The only thing that may stop me is the loud firecrackers tonight. I sure hope people respect the bylaw of 10pm but since we normally don't on other holidays I am not holding my breath. Earplugs it is I guess!

Alright time to wrap this up and go snuggle up with some mindless tv and yummy popcorn and get some relaxing me time in! Toodles!

8:32 p.m. - 2023-11-12


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