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Christmas Wrap (up)

How was my Christmas? Well compared to having covid last year and my dad's heart attack I'd say it was a booming success.

Although I can honestly say I never did get into the spirit of it. Not like I usually do. I decorated my tree in stages - not all at once like I normally do. I even got ALL the presents bought and wrapped with a few days to spare (seriously unheard of). The night that happened I went to bed and had a few seconds of excitement as I realized what I accomplished and then I immediately thought "oh crap what's going to go wrong? Is something bad about to happen?"

I may need to seek help. I can't let myself feel complete joy these days. I'm pretty sure I feel if I am 'totally happy' then something bad is going to come along and put a stop to that. This may be my 2024 goal - learning to live with joy! Ha - imagine telling people that!

Anyway back to x-mas. We drove down x-mas eve - had a lovely x-mas eve service at my dad's church. Drove back to my parents - spent a few hours playing games and snacking then off to bed. We were up at 7am and went up to my parents apartment at 8am. We had breakfast and then opened our gifts. From there the rest of the day was a blur of driving (in the fog) and setting up and eating and MCing games (apparently everyone loved me) and then cleaning and then opening more gifts and then playing jackbox games until midnight and then finally going to bed.

Tuesday Keith and I packed up and left town around 11 when my bro and sil went furniture shopping. My bro,sil and 2 boys are talking about visiting in March and I am such a softie I said yes even though we absolutely do not have room for all of them. I'm kind of hoping my brother is like me in that he comes up with a plan but then as it formulates you change it up - fingers crossed - cause he's talking about staying like 3 nights! Right now that is future me's problem.

Present me has decided to just 'be in the moment'. I have 2 weeks off and I don't want to waste it by making huge projects for myself or making plans to go out and do things - I just want to enjoy this free time and live in the moment. Be present and be somewhat productive every day - those are my goals!

Day 1 went fairly well! I got 9 hours of much needed sleep then did a quick shop for some essentials and a large coffee. Then back home to dig thru our x-mas haul and start sorting stuff while watching tv. Just before lunch I finally got back into a short series I kept forgetting about and spent a wonderful decadent afternoon chugging (much needed water) and watching my show. Keith had a crap day which sucks. His boss is annoying him to no end these days. The Q word has come up a few times but if he gets to that point he won't act until after our Cuba vacation the end of January. I hope it doesn't get to that point but I do want him to be happy so if it comes to that we will deal with it.

What else? Too early to talk about New Years resolutions. But we at least now have plans for NYE! Our plans were iffy at one point as my good friend S and her guy decided for him to take a gig WAY up North -like an 8 hour drive - so our regular plans with them and our mutual friends was cancelled. However our mutual friends reached out and asked if we would still be interested in coming over so we said Heck Ya! So now K and I are going to their place. It's like we are going up the friend scale with this couple!

Ok almost time to call my parents - yup even though I just saw them yesterday it's our weekly chat night. Then I plan on popping into pj's and maybe finishing the rest of the series I started. How decadent!

As for plans for tomorrow? Who knows! This gal is playing it by ear!

7:16 p.m. - 2023-12-27


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