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Technologically speaking it's all good!

I got a new laptop! No more excuses. Ok so I've had the new laptop for a month or so but I thought it would be a huge deal to remember my dland password (it was) and a huge deal to change it (not so much) I just had to log into my email connected to dland (that I never use) and reset it. Passwords give me a headache.

So what's new? Ok since I can't hear you I will go first. I just got back from Cuba a few days ago. I feel super privileged cause when people ask me how it was I make a face and say "eh not bad". But it's the truth. It was hella cold there. The lack of supplies wasn't a huge factor but the lack of tasty food was. The pools were freezing. I wish I had packed more pants and less swimsuits. Plus my poor brother got sick the second day we were there - it started with a cough then ended up with him in bed for a whole day. It was something respiratory for sure. To his credit he never once complained. But then when he finally felt well enough to get up and do stuff we watched an evening show, he dropped his phone on the way back to his room without realizing it and never saw it again.

So yah our vacations are becoming interesting for sure. Just for the wrong reasons. We did have a few days of sunshine and lots of alcohol so we'll consider it a success. Our room was really nice which also came with a smidge of guilt since my sister in law booked seconds after me - found out I got the last junior suite room so she booked an ocean view regular room. Which sounds good right? The view was beautiful but the room was a dud. They had so many issues and my brother kept her up most of the nights with his coughing - if they had a suite like us they could have used the cot in the next room. This is me shaking my head. Face palm.

But like I said I don't want to sound ungrateful or like I am taking this vacation for granted. I was super glad to be away from work - that mental health break is real. And due to the fact that our rooms were on opposite sides of the resort - and the resort was huge - I walked a LOT. I was super surprised I wasn't more sore doing almost 20 thousand steps a day. However every night I fell into bed exhausted and slept amazingly. As you can probably guess since we got home I am sleeping like crap. Apparently my body loves movement. A desk job? Not so much. I can either quit my job or find the time to actually exercise again and start tiring my body out physically.

I haven't gone back to the gym since we got back mostly because I've been dealing with Cuba belly. Ah yah don't want to wander too far away from the house. I was fine the whole time we were there then on the last day as we were flying home the tummy got a little iffy and it's been down hill since then. Keith was fine until last night when he uh....was violently ill. We think it may have been something he ate. Who the heck knows.

All I know is that I need to get my shit together - no pun intended - for tomorrow evening as I am going to an introductory to pilates class with my neighbour. I may have to take a pill before I go out tomorrow!

I also have a few other outings planned this week. Visits with friends. V day is going to be super casual for us. I told Keith no big plans no big presents. A card will do. I want us to save our money for the big trip we want to take in September. We're both turning 50 this year so we want to go on a special trip. We're thinking Greece right now. We are in the very early planning stages so fingers crossed! Also another reason why I need to get my butt to the gym. I want to be healthy and fit to go on this trip and also look good in pics! : P

Ok I think this is enough of a catch up for now. This new laptop is a game changer, the other one made me want to break things just trying to log on and open programs!

But just to be fair the mouse pad on this one SUX I just have to remember to plug in an actual mouse!

8:59 p.m. - 2024-02-11


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