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Too bad more days couldn't be like this.

Good news. The back is doing A LOT better. Whew. I was worried there for a bit. I also felt like I was 50. I clean my apartment and look what happens! I had planned on going to the gym yesterday but by the the end of the day my back was so sore it seemed like a pretty bad idea. So luckily for me Keith was already up (yay) and we sat there for about an hour listening to Abba songs. We see one musical and looks what happens! I'm now an Abba fan - who knew?

Dinner was already in the oven so we sat around some more and pondered the idea of going to a movie but nothing good was showing. Then tossed around the idea about renting a movie. Then Keith reminded me that I wanted to go to the Bed and Bath store - Home Outfitters. So after dinner around 7 we drove over and if we were rich would have walked out of there with oodles of stuff. But, alas, all we walked out with was one pillow for moi. I am going to be known as the pillow queen soon. 3 new pillows in the last month is kind of pushing it. But I just can't find one to replace my favourites. Stupid pillows. This one just might work. I haven't had a chance to try it out on my bed since last night I spent the night at Keith's (it's been forever since I've slept over). I also found this cute picture for T's new home but it seemed kinda pricy so I didn't pick it up. Plus C was talking about going in on something so maybe it's a good thing I waited.

After that store we walked over to Zellers and managed to spend quite a few bucks. I bought myself another ducky shower curtain since mine is pretty disgusting plus I thought new shower - new curtain - it all goes together. I also bought a small ducky towel - towels are damn expensive. The stupid frog ones were on sale - pheh.

Keith bought a crap load of stuff too and I got to use my points card twice - I like my free points.

After that we drove the small distance to Zehrs and proceeded to buy more stuff! We were spending machines last night. Of course I'm drawing a blank on what we bought except for my ducky finger puppet and ducky pen. I don't have a problem - I swear. It just happens to be that time of year - Easter - when all things ducky start coming out of the woodwork!

Yah so after our shopping extravaganza we headed back to Keith's and just relaxed for the rest of the night (it was around 9 by this time) My landlord had left a note yesterday when I went home for lunch informing me that my tub was going to be fixed today - of course not fixed as in re-do the wall and get that stinky mold out - no a 'cover-up job' throw up a surround shower stall and just 'cover' the icky mold - nice. And I wonder why I want to get a house so bad...not wait I don't wonder - I know!.

We went to bed around 10:30 or so but Keith only laid down for a little while as he has to keep on his sleeping schedule so that left me all alone in his waterbed. Everytime I turned over I would wake up - mostly cause my back would disagree with my moving. But I was awoken at 7 to the smell of baccon and french toast oh and grapefruit too. Decadent but oh so good! There was coffee to but um we won't go there. Milk - no cream - you know that kind of thing.

Then I had a shower - finally! I feel so clean! With my homemade lunch in hand (turkey lunchmeat on homemade bread with tomato on the side) I walked to work. The sun was shining and it was pretty warm for that time of the morning. Of course it just started to rain a little while ago but smart me has an umbrella that I leave at work for just this type of thing!

Oh yah - I'm also being pretty productive at work too! Even on the stuff that I have no idea how to do. The brain has decided to click on and figure these things out since the person who knows has been away since I got back and doesn't look like she'll be returning for the remainder of the week. Brain power! Hmmmm maybe I should have baccon every morning!

I don't want to jinx it but I am having a pretty good day! My plans for tonight are a little up in the air. T called (her new job doesn't have email up and running yet) and wants to go swimming tonight but she has to view her new home so she's not 100% sure she can go. I told her I either have to go to the gym or swimming cause on the weekend I ate everything and anything. It was a no holds barred kind of weekend. Now I must pay the price. Ugh.

I think I'm gonna chance it and go to the Sears outlet at lunch today. The willpower is pretty strong so I'm pretty sure I can do this. I have 3 b-days in May and Mother's day - far in advance I know but hey if I can get good stuff for a great price - why shouldn't I? Exactly!

12:35 p.m. - 2004-03-24


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