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It's raining - again....still

Well things are kinda looking up. Except now rather than feeling like crap, I look like crap. I don't know what's going on this month but man you can play connect the dots on my face - so not pretty! That and I feel all 'ugh' about my body. I got dressed for work this morning and had to change cause I didn't 'feel' right in it. Loverly.

So last night didn't go so bad. I walked home in the rain, packed my gym bag and could not for the life of me get my motivation up to go to the gym. I was contemplating doing some yoga when the phone rang, it was S. We chatted a while. She killed enough time for me that I didn't have to exercise at all. Sweet. I then called my boy who was a little unhappy with me over my entry. Story of my life. I'm thinking maybe he shouldn't make reading my diary part of his daily routine - just my opinion though.

We finally decided to just stay in and I would do one load of laundry that would get me through the next few days. My laundry situation wasn't as bad as I thought since somehow I accumulated a lot of his dirty clothes. We actually had the ingrediants for dinner so no shopping was required (yes!). We did make one stop and that was to rent a movie. The only thing that appealed to us was Cat in the Hat. I can see why it didn't do that good in theatres. There were a few good chuckles but that was all. I again was a cleaning machine. I think we ended up going to bed about 10. We were tired. Of course we then woke up a little after 4 - well he did - which got me up - for a while anyway (he he). Then he got me up again at 7 but this time I actually had to stay up. I kept joking around that maybe the plumber who was scheduled to come at 8:30 would come in early and get an eyeful. That would have been funny.

But when we finally did leave the plumber hadn't arrived. I'm going home at lunch to see how the 'faucet changing' went. The job the 'handy-man' did on my shower stall was pretty bad. Okay very bad. It may have been the first one he installed - ever - it was that bad. I'm hoping the landlord was in with the plumber this morning and saw the shower stall - not that she'll care but whatever.

After work I'm heading to the gym - no really I am! I drove today. Then from the gym I'm going straight to the mall to meet C. We're gonna shop for a present for T as a housewarming gift. S asked me to go swimming tonight but I obviously I can't. I did think of inviting S along too but decided not to. I haven't been alone with C in a while and it's important to have one-on-one time with your friends. T hasn't called me to go swimming today, I haven't spoken to her since last week. I'm gonna call her soon, after the swimming hour of course and the shopping with C. If I call her before she'll want to come and for again obvious reasons she can't!

I'm hungry.

Today has been a busy day. I've been hauling boxes and suitcases (don't ask) up and down elevators. I guess that's why I'm hungry - working up an appetite - go me!

Well I must go now and try and camaflouge my face. I don't know how I survived being a teenager....cause it was way worse than this!

12:49 p.m. - 2004-03-31


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