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My weekend and crappola at work

Well I really did mean to add an entry a lot sooner than my last April Fools one. But life got in the way.

So on April Fools Day we played a joke on our boss - 4 of us called in sick. It never clicked on her end that it was a joke. By coincidence 3 of us ran into eachother downstairs at the elevators and came in together. One of our co-workers was on her way down to cover for the receptionist (who was here!). We all walked up to our boss who was in the middle of complaining about us all being off to another co-worker and yelled "Happy April Fools Day". She was shocked to say the least. I don't think I've ever had an April fools joke go off as well as this one. It was keen. Word spread around the office pretty quickly, everybody would congratulate us. Fun times.

Friday wasn't so fun. Even though it was Friday! It started off coming to work a little upset with the boy. We ran out of time for sex - nuff said. My morning kind of picked up for a little while (coffee break) then after that it went down hill. In a nutshell: I had to do a rush job for one of the manager's and when I went to find him, he was speaking to another manager in her office - me and a co-worker stood outside the door a steps back and when she noticed us there she totally yelled at us to go away. It was nasty. I have never been spoken to like that - ever. Me and my co-worker were flabbergasted. It took us a while to process what had happened, but once we got over our shock we were pissed - royally pissed. Pissed enough that I dropped what I was doing - made sure the phones were covered and then left the building with my co-worker. She's T's mom by the way. We vented for a good hour. When re-telling the story it really doesn't seem that bad but maybe that makes it worse. I just know we felt humiliated and demeaned. We got back and my head was still wrapped around the event and work wasn't really happening. I ended up saying screw it and left. I had emailed my manager who was in our other office immediately and told her what happened. She called back while I was out walking and said she was sorry it happened and she would deal with it. After removing myself from the situation I began to feel better. I went home, had some lunch, laid down and fell asleep. Keith woke me up but we didn't have a good conversation. I had finally forgotten about the episode but he wanted to know what happened (which is understandable since I was vague in my email). But I didn't want to talk about it so we ended up hanging up on not so good terms. I debated going to the gym but I felt like crap and knew that it wasn't gonna happen. Instead I grabbed my discman and took a walk. I seem to have developed this habit of when I'm upset I take a walk. I think it's a healthy habit. I didn't wander to far since it was drizzling out. But I did think about things some more and realized that I was justified in my anger and the way I reacted. I thought that once I calmed down I would feel guilty for my actions and how I reacted - but I didn't. Pretty much a first for me. After that I made my way over to Keith's and tried to explain to him what had happened. Like I said, unless you live it, it's kind of hard to understand why we got so upset. Others in the office completely understand - especially those who deal with this manager on a regular basis. This isn't the first time she's snapped like this.

She did come by this morning and apologized - profusely. She said she was having a bad day but it was no excuse that she lashed out the way she did. I thanked her for apologizing but I never said the words I forgive you. Not sure if that means anything.

Now I'm at a cross roads. The other person this happened with is not going to let it go. She has written a statement about it and wants it put on this manager's record. You see this manager has aspirations of moving up in this company and obviously if this happened and she was in a position of even greater power things could go from bad to worse. But this is the first time she's done this to me and before this we had a pretty good working relationship. I'm torn.

Anyway, enough about work. On to my weekend. Saturday was gorgeous. After a pretty good nights sleep for me and only a couple hours for Keith we headed to the Elmira Maple Syrup festival around 11:00. We took the back roads with Keith's directions. I love driving around with him, we always have a good time - especially when we're not always sure where we're going. We eventually found a place to park not to far from the festivities and then we began to eat our way through the place. After about an hour or so we headed over to St. Jacobs where I bought a bracelet (to replace the one I lost - actually I bought 2 - heh). Keith bought a game that Lord help me, he actually tried to teach me to play. Yah, that was interesting.

We ended up back at my place and then around 8:00 T came over and Keith drove us to S's place for a night of girl drinking. Of course her husband D sat there for over a freakin' hour and shot off his mouth - he's good at that. S said he was leaving but it took him forever! Finally when the four of us girls were left alone things got better. Although S's friend from work let's call her Shell was a skeleton and had 1/2 a drink. I had a nice buzz by the time we left for the bar. By this time S's husband had come back so he drove us since it had started raining by this point (I guess he does have his uses)- okay that was mean but whatevah. Oh yah we went to Club Rennaisance - the local gay bar. Nice eh? It was interesting to say the least. I couldn't really get used to people making out on the floor - and it has nothing to do with being gay - I go to other clubs and this doesn't happen. I just don't need to be dancing beside people who are swapping spit during the whole FAST song. It was extremely hot in there so after about an hour and a half we had had enough. T was drinking water so you know it was bad. We went outside for air and then decided to just call it a night. I called my boy who was kind enough to be our DD for the night. We dropped S and Shell off at her place and then the 3 of us went back to mine. T and I dished about the night and how annoying certain parts were (husband). Then T called her man repeatedly and woke him up to come pick her up since she was too sober to sleep at my place but to drunk to drive home. Smart girl. We changed the clocks in my place to 3 o'clock and then went to bed.

By 9 o'clock the next morning T's car was gone. Damn - she's an early riser! I got up a little after that - thanks to Keith of course. Cause I love only 6 hours of sleep. Keith was finally a good enough sport to watch About a Boy with me - yay. He even admitted it wasn't that bad - woo - high praise indeed. After some more gratuitous lounging around we went out for some lunch and to do some grocery shopping for the week - yay! Keith wanted to rent a movie so we did. Once we got home - he went to bed. Yah. So I sat up and watched it by myself. It was Gothika - excellent movie! Very suspensful. I wrapped myself up in blankets on the couch and held onto my ducky for dear life. Gotta love duckies.

So there's my weekend in a not so small nutshell. I'm glad that with the nicer weather we actually leave our apartments and go and do stuff. Although that can be expensive! Maybe when the really nice weather stuff comes we can venture out to his balcony and soak up the rays and do something that doesn't cost money but gets us outside at least. I also would love to get us biking. But that's a wait and see kind of thing.

Well that's lunch. Time to go and feed my face. Salad - mmm salad. Dang summer with it's hot weather causing me to wear shorts! Lots and lots of salad!

12:49 p.m. - 2004-04-05


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