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Well luckily for me my weekend got decidedly better after my lame laundry night (see last entry).

I didn't get to bed till 1:00 am and did manage to sleep in till 9:30. The morning was a blur of activity - cleaning, working out and eventually packing up the car and heading over to set up for T's party. We were running a bit behind (we were supposed to meet T's mom at 12:30). I was starving so we stopped and picked up some food and then I got a call from T's mom telling me she was still at home and running behind - she lives an hour away - this wasn't boding well.

Keith and I got to T's and got into the house easy enough...that's when we heard whimpering coming from behind the basement door. It was a dog! Luckily a very friendly dog. I then remembered T mentioning a few weeks ago that she would be watching a friends dog. I let the dog out the backyard only to realize the backyard didn't have a gate - oops. Luckily the dog didn't get to far and I grabbed her collar and brought her back in. Keith and I went and picked up the cake and some munchies, came back decorated the house, set out the food and sat and waited for people to arrive. A few minutes later I got a text from J telling me he couldn't stall anymore and they were coming home - 45 minutes early! I sent him a message back saying Keith and I were the only 2 people there! He said he would stall. Thankfully within the next 20 minutes T's mom arrived, and 3 other people so at least there were a few of us to yell surprise when she walked in. She claimed to be surprised by the party but that T is a good fibber so who really knows but she was happy and had a good time.

The rest of the night zoomed by. I had only a couple drinks which I nursed for 6 hours okay I switched to pop a few hours into it. S and A were supposed to arrive around 8pm but they called me at 8 and had yet to leave Toronto. Those girls.

I will spare you the rest of the play by play action. The party livened up from 3:30 on - people came, people left and more people would arrive. Around 9 it seemed to be winding down but when I left to meet S and A at my place and drive them back half an hour later the party was back in full swing with new people! We stayed till midnight and then headed back to my place where I finally kicked back and had a few drinks and we played some games and finally made our way to bed around 3am. Hmmm that may be a play by play after all?

I woke up at 9:30 and was unable to fall back to sleep. I went looking for Keith and found him in the basement looking miserable. He had been sick a few hours earlier - VERY sick as in the couch cushion covers were in the washer and he had taken a shower! We have no idea why he was so ill. He had maybe 8 beers all day and night and we mostly ate the same things but the poor guy was not doing well.

Once the girls got up we sat around shooting the breeze till our bellies rumbled enough in protest and then headed out to our favourite greasy spoon - it's a hangover tradition. Keith stayed home due to belly issues. After lunching we then headed to the mall where the girls were on a mission to spend money! I managed not to get too sucked in but did buy 2 very cute necklaces on sale for $20 total. It was definitely a fun day (okay for some of us not named Keith).

But Keith was feeling a lot better tonight and even tried to put the moves on me (seriously!). I on the other hand began to feel not great due to lack of sleep and crappy eating. Eventually I headed out to W-mart to spend money on much needed items and the rest of T's birthday gift. Tomorrow C and I are taking T out for dinner.

But it is 10 and I thought I'd be in bed by now but surprise I'm not! So I will post this, go wrap T's gift and then head to bed cause this chicka is tiiiiired!

9:41 p.m. - 2010-04-18


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